Board 2024

Below you find the names and responsibilities of all our board members in 2023.  Feel free to contact us through phd-board (at) if you have questions or comments about something concerning the association, what we do, or could/should do. For further information about the association, please contact the chair of the board.

Rakenduvadhana Srinivasan, chair
Aleksi Moine

Artemis Filippou
Hasan Akintug
Merja Kiiskinen
Praveen Kumar Singh
Noora Pakkanen
, vice-member

HYVÄT board tasks are divided by the board based on the interests of board members. More than one board member can have the same task, and thus share the work load. Board tasks are described in detail below:

Chair: The chair´s task involves a lot of administrative work. This includes for example organizing board meetings and general meetings of the administration, taking part in meetings with the administration or doctoral representatives to work on certain issues, replying to emails, and making sure that the organisation of all HYVÄT activities goes smoothly. The chair presents HYVÄT activities in various events organized by the Doctoral School and Programmes, and also sometimes helps to organize these events.

Vice-chair: The vice-chair´s task is to support the chair and can thus also include administrative work such as the ones described in the chair´s tasks.

Treasurer: The treasurer handles the finances of the HYVÄT organisation. This includes billing membership and event fees, reimbursements, and interaction with the bank. Treasurer needs to have adequate skills in Finnish/Swedish.

Secretary: The secretary´s task is to write down the minutes of the board meetings and is thus a crucial member of the meetings.

Event coordinator: The event coordinator plans and oversees organizing HYVÄT events. The coordinator communicates with relevant people at the university administration or private establishments, such as bars, who could potentially host HYVÄT events.

PhD representative selection committee: The board member responsible for this task works with the chair and other involved members in planning the selection of doctoral representatives. This includes tasks such as planning the representative elections and reviewing the representative applications.

Communication: The person in charge of communication forwards messages to HYVÄT members mostly through email, but also in social media. This task also includes promoting HYVÄT events and creating content on social media platforms.