Board 2020

Below you find the names and responsibilities of all our board members in 2020. All our e-mail adresses are name.surname (at) Feel free to contact anyone of us if you have questions or comments about something concerning the association, what we do, or could/should do. For further information about the association, please contact the chair of the board Tommi Mäklin: tommi.maklin’@`

Tommi Mäklin, Chairperson
Karina Barreiro, Vice chairperson, PhD representative coordinator, Advocacy officer
Cecilia Berardo, Secretary, Social media & Event coordinator, webmaster
Ville Jantunen, Treasurer, Membership coordinator, External relations officer
Huini Li, External relations officer, Event & Pub night coordinator
Jari Rinta-Aho, Pub night coordinator
Anton Saressalo, PhD representative coordinator, Webmaster
Andrei Rodionov, Advocacy & External relations officer
Joonas Maristo

The Board in 2019

Anton Saressalo, Chairperson, External relations officer

I am a PhD student doing research on material physics in the MATRENA programme of the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences. My research topic is sparks – or more precisely electrical breakdowns on copper surfaces. The research project is joint collaboration with Helsinki Institute of Physics and CERN. During the last years, my main hobby has been student associations on local, national, and international levels.

Petra Lehtoruusu, Vice chairperson,advocacy

I am a second year PhD student in the Doctoral Programme for History and Cultural Heritage. In my dissertation I analyse representations of history in art, literature and theatre in Finland during the 19th century. My backround is mainly in art history and visual culture studies, but I’ve also studied museology, aesthetics and social and moral philosophy. Outside my studies I’m a museum professional who enjoys engaging with different forms of contemporary historical culture from museum displays, historical films and novels to live action role playing.

Cecilia Berardo, SecretaryI am a second year PhD student in mathematics and part of the Research Group in Biomathematics.
I completed my bachelor and a master degrees in mathematics focusing on mathematical modelling and probability at the University of Torino in Italy. My research topics are population dynamics and adaptive dynamics. Outside my work, my interests include sport, especially volleyball, travelling, cooking, photography.


Jari Rinta-aho, Treasurer, Membership coordinator

Joonas Maristo, Advocay officer

I am a PhD student in Arabic, Islamic and Persian studies. My dissertation deals with early Arabic and Persian historiography from 9th century to 12th century. Understanding changes in the present and the future is impossible without a knowledge of the past. In HYVÄT my goal is to enhance democracy and transparency within the University of Helsinki. Doctoral students, future employees of the university, must participate in the decision making process regarding the decisions and changes that concern them.


Krista Longi, Event coordinator and Informer

I am a PhD student in the doctoral programme in Computer Science (DoCS). My research topic is machine learning, and I am focusing on semi-supervised and unsupervised deep learning methods for high dimensional signal data. I am also a  member of the board of DoCS. Previously I have completed a MSc  and a BSc in computer science and a BSc in Biology at University of Helsinki. Outside of work, my interests include board games, dogs and traveling.

Merja Kiiskinen, events, advocacy

Jurgita Paukstyte, events, communications

Andrei Rodionov, advocacy

Tiina Naaranoja, advocacy

I am a PhD student in Particle Physics and Universe Sciences. In my dissertation I study the radiation tolerance of diamond. Most of the funding for my post graduate research comes from various grants, so the equality between students with different funding is a special interest to me. I’m a proud owner of Eetteri (she’s a dog).

Officers 2019

Julia von Boguslawski, PhD representative coordinator, Officer

I am a PhD student in the study of religions in the doctoral program of History and Cultural Heritage. My thesis is about transformations in the Finnish religious landscape around the turn of the 20th century and I examine three movements that emerged here at that time: freethought, theosophy, and anthroposophy. My earlier studies include a master’s degree in history and a bachelor in philosophy, both from the University of Helsinki. When I am not working I like to dance salsa, chill out with my cat and my husband, and plan trips to Italy. Feel free to contact me in Finnish, Swedish or English!


Giovanni Canarecci, Officer

I am a PhD student in mathematics working at the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. Before moving to Finland, I completed my bachelor and master degrees in mathematics at the University of Bologna, Italy. My current research focuses on improving the understanding of sub-riemannian currents with the final purpose of solving with them some kind of minimality problem on the Heisenberg group. I am personally interested in understanding and improving the administrative part of the university, and for that I have been for two years Domast student representative. In my free time I train Haidong Gumdo, Korean swordsmanship.


Brecht Donvil, Officer

I am a PhD student in mathematics and I am part of the mathematical physics research group. The main focus of my research is open quantum systems. I have bachelor and master degree in physics from the University of Leuven. Since the beginning of 2017, I am a member of the board of  Domast, the doctoral program in mathematics and statistics.  In my free time I play volleyball, cook and read.