Steering Group of Doctoral Education

Tohtorikoulutuksen johtoryhmä
Styrgruppen för doktorsutbildning

Joni Ollonen

My interests lie in improving teaching and general co-operation between doctoral programs. Additionally, I would see a dire need for a major reform of new students’ familiarisation to how university works and what rights they have. Especially the status and the legal rights of doctoral students need to be improved and monitored more efficiently at our university. My strengths include strong experience of administrative bodies of our university: I have represented students at the ILS board and been student member of board of bachelor degree of biology and two master degree boards during Big wheel. During this time informed the students, mapped their opinions on the relevant matters, made well-prepared propositions and vehemently drove student’s agenda. Through experience I have assumed pragmatic and ruthless approach for advancing interests of students and overall scientific community. I do not seek these positions to get a better CV.