Doctoral School in Health Sciences

Terveyden tutkimuksen tukijakoulu
Forskarskolan i hälsoforskning


Tutkijakoulun johtoryhmä
Styrgruppet för forskarskolan

Giuliano Didio

Doctoral Degree should not be the synonym of stress and anxiety. Equality among students and mental health wellbeing should be obvious concept in academia, yet according to the last HYVÄT survey there is still a long way to go to achieve these goals. The survey also suggests that among other crucial issues, such as funding and equality, one point is the need to improve communication between students and representatives. One thing that I learned when I was student representative in my alma mater is the importance of proactive participation. To improve communication and at the same time take advantage of the ideas of students we could establish an “assembly of students” before every meeting of the steering group where the official representatives can discuss the announced agenda of the upcoming steering group meeting with the student. This not only would increase the “representativeness” of the representative students but would also encourage proactive participation of everyone.


Integroivien biotieteiden tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i integrerande biovetenskap

Pavlína Gregorová

I have been a PhD student in ILS since 2017. I have a previous experience in organizing events from my previous studies as well as from the past two years. So far, I participated in organizing the annual ILS symposium and I was thinking what else I can do. Being a member of steering group looks like a great opportunity how to contribute to further improvement of ILS and it is also a chance to directly impact the decisions, which are made. I would like to continue in good work which was done by previous candidates and further improve the flow of information between steering group and students of doctoral programme and simply get students more involved and interested in these matters and let their opinion/voice be heard by steering group.

Joni Ollonen

My interests lie in improving teaching and general co-operation between doctoral programs. Additionally, I would see a dire need for a major reform of new students’ familiarisation to how university works and what rights they have. Especially the status and the legal rights of doctoral students need to be improved and monitored more efficiently at our university. My strengths include strong experience of administrative bodies of our university: I have represented students at the ILS board and been student member of board of bachelor degree of biology and two master degree boards during Big wheel. During this time informed the students, mapped their opinions on the relevant matters, made well-prepared propositions and vehemently drove student’s agenda. Through experience I have assumed pragmatic and ruthless approach for advancing interests of students and overall scientific community. I do not seek these positions to get a better CV.


Biolääketieteellinen tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i biomedicin

Huini Li

Studying in the University of Helsinki as a MSc student in programme of Translational Medicine and later a PhD student in Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine has allowed me to take advantage of the excellent opportunities to get familiar with various programme structures and student life. In order to bridge the communication between PhD students and doctoral schools, I would like to be a representative for my program to discuss PhD student matters and concerns and participate in decision-making that strongly affect PhD students. Besides, I have been very proactive getting involved in student workshops and symposium organization, particularly in the sector of innovation, career and entrepreneurship. I have been working as a secretory to organize the CALSIF Annual Scientific Symposium, Sino Finnish Challenge 2017 and Health design 2018 as well as volunteering for numerous events. I am thereby interested in the topic of organizing various workshops and symposiums which will benefit doctoral education and career development in coming years. I would love to take the responsibility of communicating PhD students concerns and ideas to the board of doctoral schools.

Mona Christensen



Kliininen tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i klinisk forskning

Paul Lassmann Klee

I am a physician and a PhD student in the Doctoral Program in Clinical Research (KLTO) of the Doctoral School of Health (DSH). As a researcher with clinical background, i am aware of the difficulties PhD Students can encounter in combining different aspects of a career and also would like to see that research at the University of Helsinki acquires an excellent level, not only at the Doctoral School of Health but in other fields also. This can be done through better opportunities for researchers and PhD students, through listening to the needs and goals of the PhD students. But also through tools, information and funding.

Zain Bhutta

As an international doctoral student i believe that i can contribute substantially to the processes involved and dilemmas faced by international students at the University of Helsinki. Considering my experiences in the past one year i believe that i can provide strong input and support in the decision making process to facilitate international students at my doctoral school.


Lääketutkimuksen tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i läkemedelsforskning

João Pedro Oliveira Martins

I am João Pedro Martins, a third year PhD student of the Doctoral Program in Drug Research (DPDR) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, under the supervision of Prof. Hélder A. Santos. So far, I have authored 11 scientific publications, 2 book chapters, and 1 proceedings, with more than 150 citations (Google Scholar 154; h-index 8). Beyond my scientific progress and contribution to the high standards of the DPDR, I have been actively involved in the organization of scientific meetings (EAFP Annual Conference 2017, ULLA Workshop 2018, ULLA Summer School 2019). Currently, I am Secretary of the ExCo of the Finnish Society of Physical Pharmacy (FYFA), and the Student Representative in the Controlled Release Society (CRS) Focus Group in Nanomedicine and Nanoscale Delivery. I believe that my profile as responsible and committed student suits the level of the demand set by the DPDR, and will work hard to make sure that the DPDR students have a voice.

Jernej Štukelj

I am Jernej Štukelj, a Ph.D. student of the Doctoral Program in Drug Research (DPDR) at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Helsinki, under the supervision of Prof. Clare J. Strachan and Dr. Sami Svanbäck. My research is intertwined with the start-up world – creating a unique environment for conducting a Ph.D. This environment contributed to becoming a responsible and trustworthy person with a positive energy and good communication skills. As such, I will do my best to represent the opinion of the DPDR students.


Aivot ja mieli tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i hjärn- och medvetandeforskning

Lauri Elsilä

I am a pharmacist and a second-year doctoral candidate studying addiction-related behavioural pharmacology and psychedelic drugs at the Faculty of Medicine. In a scientific environment I value freedom, inclusivity and fairness, openness, and internationality alongside the cutting-edge science, and these values I want to see being voiced out in the planning and execution phases of neuroscience doctoral education. The doctoral programme’s aim is to educate and train us, the doctoral students, to become capable scientists in the many fields of neuroscience and an active voice of doctoral students is needed in guiding the programme in achieving this. Through my experience in university administration, being a former member of the university collegium and its preparatory committee, faculty council and the committee of scientific affairs in the Faculty of Pharmacy, and the executive board of the Neuroscience Center, among others, I am not afraid to voice the student’s wishes and needs.

Marta Saez Garcia

I am interested in the position because after the synergy meeting of the Neuroscience Center I realized that there are a lot of things that I would like to change in the university. I think I would be a good representative because I have been already one during my bachelor studies in Spain. The topics that i am most interested about are the ones that can potentially improve the life of the PhD students. If I am elected I would like to have meetings with the B&M students to discuss the student views and then bring those concerns to the faculty as their representative.


Kliinisen eläinlääketieteen tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i klinisk veterinärmedicin

Virpi Sali

Tiina Kaarela

My PhD thesis studies the neuronal network synchronization in early development and epilepsy. I have Master’s degree in biotechnology and with my PhD work, I am currently studying for Licentiate degree in Veterinary Medicine. During my studies I have actively participated in University administration for promoting the students interests. I have served as a student representative in the Faculty council, University Collegium and HiLife board. These positions have thought me the duties of boards and the ways of decision making in our University. With the applied position I would like to get students voice heard in the hearth of our Doctoral Program. I feel that with my experience in both life science research and veterinary studies I can represent the diversity among CVM students. My main interest is to help CVM to serve and support its students and together build structures and education that will help us in our PhD path.

Väestön terveyden tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i folkhälsovetenskap

Other position still unfilled – looking for candidates!

Shabber hassan

My name is Shabbeer Hassan, I am a PhD student in Institute for Molecular Medicine (FIMM), Meilahti campus in Prof. Samuli Ripatti’s group. I am from the land of awesome tea – Darjeeling, India. Since my undergrad I have always been involved in organizing conferences, seminars, meetings etc. participated in various student committees.I have been part of the DocPop doctoral group since 2017. I sincerely wish to improve the quality of doctoral education as a whole by communicating students’ voices to the administration. I would like to organise more ethics, writing, future job option related courses/workshops. Also, I would like be a part of making information flow regarding everything from rights to benefits easier for students.

Suun terveystieteen tohtoriohjelma
Doktorandprogrammet i oral hälsovetenskap

Rakibul Hasan

I am very much happy to see me in the doctoral school in health sciences steering group. I hope I could integrate well in the steering group and contribute in the policy making for the betterment of the PhD students. Hello everybody, I am Rakibul Hasan, a PhD candidate affiliated in the FINDOS doctoral training programme, UH. I have been doing study and research in the Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases Department belongs to the Medicine faculty. Last few years I have been served FINDOS as a deputy student representative and contributed to arrange nation-wide FINDOS seminar series and also arranged an international conference NYSCO-2016. For several times I have been worked as student host during arranging Biomedicum Helsinki seminars from craniofacial development and malformations research group. Besides study and research, I like sports and critical writing. Recently, I have published two exceptional poetry book named “Insight” and “Dazzling Darkness” in Bengali language. The upcoming book is a novel “A brief story of time” writing in English language. Balancing work, family time and social life are important to achieve better outcomes in each sectors. Looking forward to work more robustly, more efficiently and effectively in the HYVÄT and beyond. I wish you a healthy life. Thank you.