Representatives 2018-2019

The doctoral students have representatives in the doctoral programs, the doctoral schools, and the doctoral education steering group at the university. The representatives are elected for a period of two years at a time. Here you can find more information about what they do and who they are. Via the menus below you can look upp the representatives of all steering groups.

NB all new representatives: if you find something wrong with your introductory text, or otherwise wish to edit it somehow now that you are elected, you can get in touch with aino.kirjonen(at)

If you have not provided us with an introductory text and a picture yet, please do so, so that it will be easy for all PhD students to find their own representative!

Steering group of doctoral education

Doctoral School in Natural Sciences and its programmes

Doctoral School in Health Sciences and its programmes

Doctoral School in Humanities and Social Sciences (HYMY) and its programmes

Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB) and its programmes


The tasks of steering groups

The steering group of doctoral education consists of the vice rector responsible of research and teaching matters, the leaders of the four doctoral schools, and one PhD student representative. It 1) oversees the activities of the doctoral schools and drafts guidelines that concern all doctoral schools and programmes, 2) leads the cooperation in matters that concern all doctoral schools, and, 3) monitors that the doctoral education at the university functions properly.

Steering groups of a doctoral school develop the operations under the leadership of the director. It 1) develops doctoral education in the field as well as the recruitment and application procedures of the school; 2) makes a proposal to the rector concerning the allocation of finances and other resources for the programmes in the doctoral school; 3) assures the quality of the programmes, and monitors their work, 4) works on other tasks related to the operations of the doctoral school.

The steering group of a doctoral programme develop the operations of a doctoral programme under the leadership of the director. It 1) deals with the applications of those who have applied for the right to pursue a degree in the programme, organises a qualifying examination as well as an interview for the applicants, and makes a justified proposal to the faculty concerning the selected applicants; 2) plans the education in the programme, and develops it; 3) makes decision concerning the principles of cooperation in the programme’s network; and 4) works on other tasks related to the operations of the programme.