PhD representatives 2024-2025

PhD representatives in doctoral programmes

The call for applications for becoming a representative for doctoral researchers in the board of the 33 doctoral programmes of the University of Helsinki was open until November 25, 2023 and was extended until December 3, 2023 for programmes without enough applications. There are 2 positions to fill for every doctoral programme, and the term is for 2024-2025. We received a total total of 63 applications for 29 doctoral programmes. A new call for candidates will be open in January 2024 for the 13 programmes which do not have 2 representatives.

The decisions were made by the selection committee appointed by HYVÄT and approved by the board of HYVÄT on December 8, and by the board of the student union HYY on December 14. The report can be found here.

Doctoral programmes in environmental, food and biological sciences

  • Doctoral Programme in Food Chain and Health: Ehsan Gale-Gafi & Annastiina Rytkönen
  • Doctoral Programme in Interdisciplinary Environmental Sciences: Chenmei Li & Eugenia Castellazzi
  • Doctoral Programme in Microbiology and Biotechnology: Ada Pajari & Renata Majamäki
  • Doctoral Programme in Plant Sciences: Wiktoria Fatz & Jennifer López Ortiz
  • Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Use of Renewable Natural Resources:
  • Doctoral Programme in Wildlife Biology: Ella Sippola & Raphael Ritter

Doctoral programmes in Health Sciences

  • Doctoral Programme Brain and Mind: Joni Haikonen & Sven Sakson
  • Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine: Hao Li & Sally Chesnut
  • Doctoral Programme in Clinical Research: Jonas Bouhlal
  • Doctoral Programme in Clinical Veterinary Medicine: Saara Junttila
  • Doctoral Programme in Drug Research: Berta Bosch
  • Doctoral Programme in Human Behaviour: Saija Niemi
  • Doctoral Programme in Integrative Life Sciences: Roselydiah Makunja & Mohammad Ghanem
  • Doctoral Programme in Oral Sciences: Alam Md Mahamudul & Mebin George Varghese
  • Doctoral Programme in Population Health: Matilda Mela & Inka Sylgren

Doctoral Programmes in humanities and social sciences

  • Doctoral Programme in Cognition, Learning, Instruction and Communication: Salla Veijonaho
  • Doctoral Programme in Economics:
  • Doctoral Programme in Gender, Culture and Society: Aleksi Paavilainen
  • Doctoral Programme in History and Cultural Heritage: Jakov Gerchman
  • Doctoral Programme in Language Studies: Bojana Damnjanovic & Eliisa Uotila
  • Doctoral Programme in Law: Jaakko Tiinanen & Marta Paricio Montesinos
  • Doctoral Programme in Philosophy, Arts and Society: Tommi Dunderlin & Helen Metsä
  • Doctoral Programme in Political, Societal and Regional Changes: Maria Fedina & Jani Korhonen
  • Doctoral Programme in School, Education, Society, and Culture: Inka Tähkä & Veera Tervo
  • Doctoral Programme in Social Sciences: Olli Kaukonen Lindholm
  • Doctoral Programme in Theology and Religious Studies: Elsa Salonen & Jana Turk

Doctoral Programmes in natural sciences

  • Doctoral Programme in Atmospheric Sciences: Jiangyi Zhang & Jesse Soininen
  • Doctoral Programme in Chemistry and Molecular Sciences:
  • Doctoral Programme in Computer Science: Sara Pyykölä & Bruno Oliveira
  • Doctoral Programme in Geosciences: Kwabena Atobra & Isabel McDonald
  • Doctoral Programme in Materials Research and Nanoscience:
  • Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Statistics: Sara Parikka & Julia Sanders
  • Doctoral Programme in Particle Physics and Universe Sciences:

The tasks of the steering group

The steering group of a doctoral programme develop the operations of a doctoral programme under the leadership of the director. It 1) deals with the applications of those who have applied for the right to pursue a degree in the programme, organises a qualifying examination as well as an interview for the applicants, and makes a justified proposal to the faculty concerning the selected applicants; 2) plans the education in the programme, and develops it; 3) makes decision concerning the principles of cooperation in the programme’s network; and 4) works on other tasks related to the operations of the programme.

You can look up more information on being a student representative on the student union’s (HYY) website here.

Guidelines for the selection of doctoral researcher representatives in the board of the doctoral programmes

Description of the selection process

The selection committee designated by the board of HYVÄT ry on their meeting of October 19, 2023, will evaluate applications to the positions of doctoral researcher representatives in the board of the 33 doctoral programmes of the University of Helsinki.

The selection committee held a meeting on November 1st to accept the guidelines for the selection process and the evaluation of the applications.

The application period will be open between November 6-25. An email will be sent to all doctoral researchers with a link to an e-lomake form, in which they must identify with their UH credentials. A couple of reminder emails will be sent throughout the application period, to make sure that there are applications for all programmes.

After the application period ends, members of the selection committee will evaluate all applications. However, the members will notify beforehand the rest of the committee in case of any conflict of interest (any collaboration, affiliation, friendship, or familial connection) and abstain from evaluating those applications.

The main criteria for the selection of the doctoral researcher representatives are their motivation and their possible relevant experience for the position. The selection committee will also aim to have a diverse representation of various backgrounds.

The selection committee will meet on December 8, and will go together through the applications, to give a proposal to be approved by the board of HYVÄT.

Members of the selection committee:

Aleksi Moine, Chair of HYVÄT ry, representative in the board of the doctoral programme in History and cultural heritage

Pasqualina Eckerström, Vice-chair of HYVÄT ry, representative in the board of the doctoral programme in History and cultural heritage

Hasan Akintug, Board member of HYVÄT ry

Hafiz Umair Masood Awan, representative in the board of the doctoral programme DPPS

Rakenduvadhana Srinivasan, representative in the board of the doctoral programme in Brain and Mind