Apply to HYVÄT Election Committee

New PhD representatives will be elected again this autumn. The elections will be organized by HYVÄT (with help from the coordinators), all the way from publishing the application announcement to collecting the list of candidates and performing the actual elections.
In the core of all this is the election committee, that consists of at least four members, preferably at least one from each doctoral school. This impartial committee organizes all the practical matters concerning the elections. So it has a huge effect in the university’s doctoral education for the next two years.
The PhD representative election guidelines (attached) list the duties of the committee:
1) to inform interested parties that university PhD representative positions in the doctoral schools and doctoral programmes are open for application;

2) organize the representative elections;
3) provide the deans of the faculties a list of proposed candidates up for election to the doctoral
programme steering groups, and give the rector a list of proposed candidates for election to the
doctoral school steering groups;
4) to keep the board of the association informed about the progress of the elections;

5) to inform the student union about the progress of the elections.

See more information in the attached guidelines (both in Finnish and in English). Please note that there might be small changes to the guidelines before the forming of the committee. The essential parts are still planned to be left unchanged.
Please send your application to be a member of the committee to by March 27th 2019.
Also feel free to ask any questions if something was left unclear.
Please understand that members of the election committee cannot apply for a PhD representative position themselves.

HYVÄT Guidelines for Supervision Agreements

One of HYVÄT’s most important advocacy themes is equality of all the PhD candidates, especially providing everyone the same opportunities regardless of their research environment, source of funding or supervisor.

To tackle this, we published the attached guidelines on what the agreement between a supervisor and a supervisee should contain and what to expect from each. For a new PhD student, it is really difficult to get to know the base level and even many of the supervisors don’t know the most widely used practises for example in the frequency of meetings.

We hope that these guidelines will be utilitized when new agreements are prepared for example in Thessa. We also hope that at least the content of the guidelines will be put easily available, so that a new PhD student (or a supervisor) can easily understand the general standards at the university.

The guidelines have been shared to the leadership of doctoral education and all HYVÄT members.

HYVÄT Guidelines for Supervision agreement of the Doctoral Candidate

HYVÄT spring meeting March 19th


Aika: 19.3.2019 klo 18.00
Paikka: Kabinetti, Mechelininkatu 3 D, krs -1


  1. Kokouksen avaus
  2. Kokouksen laillisuus ja päätösvaltaisuus
  3. Esityslistan hyväksyminen
  4. Kokouksen puheenjohtajan valinta
  5. Kokouksen sihteerin valinta
  6. Kahden pöytäkirjantarkastajan ja ääntenlaskijan valinta
  7. Vuoden 2018 toimintakertomus, tilinpäätös, sekä toiminnantarkastajien lausunto
  8. Tilinpäätöksen vahvistaminen ja vastuuvapauden myöntäminen
  9. Hallituksen tai virkailijoiden täydentäminen (mahdollinen)
  10. Muut käsiteltävät asiat
  11. Kokouksen päätös

Spring meeting

Date: 19th of March 2019 at 18.00
Location: Kabinetti, Mechelininkatu 3 D, floor -1


  1. Opening the meeting
  2. Legitimacy of the meeting
  3. Approving the agenda
  4. Electing chairperson for the meeting
  5. Electing secretary for the meeting
  6. Electing two scrutinizers and two tellers for the meeting
  7. Annual report, financial statement and auditors’ report from the year 2018
  8. Approving the financial statement and discharging the accountables from liability
  9. Electing new board members or officers (possible)
  10. Other matters
  11. Closing the meeting

Happy holidays & introduction to new board

Image result for happy holidays


HYVÄT wants to thank all of its members, supporters and other collaborators for a fruitful year 2019. This year we demanded, we surveyed, we socialized and we celebrated. HYVÄT’s membership count kept growing  and the association can’t wait to utilize all the grown potential in year 2019.

Next year is in good hands. About half of the old board were re-elected, but we also got some new active doers. You can find next year’s board below. All of their emails are “”. Next year’s tasks will be allocated in mid-January. Please let us know at if you are interested to help us next year!

Happy holidays and see you again next year!

Board 2019
Anton Saressalo (chairperson)
Cecilia Berardo
Samaneh Khalili
Merja Kiiskinen
Petra Lehtoruusu
Krista Longi
Joonas Maristo
Ville Pikkarainen
Jari Rinta-aho

Call for applications for PhD student representatives for the Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine

HYVÄT is looking for a PhD student representative for the octoral Programme in Biomedicine for the term from February 2019 until the end of the year. Being a student representative is a rewarding experience on many levels and an opportunity to improve the doctoral education.

Apply by sending a freely formed application to the HYVÄT board ( at latest on Thu Dec 13th at 16:00. You have to be a PhD student in the programme to be eligible to apply.

DPBM is a broad, international doctoral program that organizes training in the fields of biomedicine and translational and molecular medicine. The aim of DPBM is to train internationally competent experts with excellent skills to continue research or work in other demanding expert positions of the public or private sectors.

Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates have the opportunity to participate in an excellent research training program including basic and advanced courses in biomedical research offered locally, nationally,  and internationally.  The course offerings include an extensive variety of practical training courses, seminar series and scientific symposia.  Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine doctoral candidates may also participate in all courses that are arranged by DSHealth, in areas including transferable skills, and by other doctoral programs in the school.

The Doctoral Programme in Biomedicine operates within DSHealth in the highly international research environments of the Meilahti and Viikki campuses of the University of Helsinki, offering excellent research and training facilities, high quality infrastructure, and extensive networks and collaborations.