Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB)

Doctoral School in Environmental, Food and Biological Sciences (YEB)

Suvi Sallinen

I am a first year PhD student in LUOVA and my research concentrates on host-pathogen community -interactions. I am keen to represent the students in the board and to make sure the PhD students are heard when deciding on matters considering us. I want to make sure other student are informed about current issues and also communicate our issues to the board.

Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Food Chain and Health

Mamata Bhattarai

Moi/Hello doctoral students,
My name is Mamata Bhattarai. I am a first year doctoral student with a major in food technology in the doctoral programme of food chain and health. My candidacy is for the steering committee of the doctoral programme.
On a personal level, I believe, doctoral education is not just about spending hefty about of time in lab. It is about overall development of our personality, building collaboration and networking. Many of us struggle with several things during this journey; funding always comes on the top of this list. Apart from that, many of us do not know where to seek help when problems like conflicts with supervisor, stress due to workload come. I would like be your voice and represent our issues, take your suggestions to improve the quality of doctoral education (because there is always a room for improvement), bring us together, exchange ideas, have fun while doing excellent research.


Jenni Kaskela

I am a veterinarian and I began my PhD studies in 2016 at Viikki Campus. I want to be a doctoral candidate representative in the board of Doctoral Program in Food Chain and Health, because I think it is important that PhD students’ voice is heard in the decision-making process. I am interested in keeping track of the development at the University of Helsinki and especially the impact it is having on PhD students. As a representative, I would do my best to ensure that PhD students’ needs and perspectives are taken into consideration at the doctoral program level and would be eager to hear new ideas and development needs directly from my fellow PhD students. I consider communication between students and doctoral program is one of the most important task of a representative.

Doc­toral Pro­gramme in In­ter­dis­cip­lin­ary En­vir­on­mental Sci­ences

Sophia Hagolani-Albov (Doc­toral Pro­gramme in In­ter­dis­cip­lin­ary En­vir­on­mental Sci­ences)

My name is Sophia Hagolani-Albov and I began my doctoral studies in 2016. I am a social scientist working in a largely natural science Department. I am intimate with the challenges and potential benefits which attend interdisciplinary research. I have previously served the DENVI program as an alternate student representative during 2017. I have greatly enjoyed working on the steering committee and being a student voice in our doctoral program. I am enthusiastic about creating more community among the doctoral students in DENVI. I think this is vitally important as DENVI continues to mature as a program. Development of a DENVI identity ultimately serves all students under the DENVI program. Working on and with the steering committee has been a great way to make sure there are good events for students to network and collaborate. Please vote for me! I would really like the opportunity to expand on the steps made in 2017 by working on the steering committee for another two years.

Janne Salovaara

I’m Janne Salovaara. I did my masters at Aalto University, in an interdisciplinary programme called Creative Sustainability and am now in my second year of the Ph.D. studies. Before applying to Helsinki university for my Sustainability Science Ph.D., I worked for few years as a sustainability consultant in a co-operative I co-founded. My main motivation to run for the DENVI board as a student representative, is that I do want to participate and from my part try to help the different disciplines come together even better to help solve the pressing sustainability issues, through both formal and non-formal collaboration and connections. For this, and the board, I bring my background as an interdiciplinarian and practitioner of sustainability.

Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Mi­cro­bi­o­logy and Bi­o­tech­no­logy

Rafael Vicentini Popin

Iina Nieminen

I am seeking for a place as a student representative in MBDP because I am interested in opinions and wellbeing of my fellow students regarding to doctoral studies. I would like to hear feedback from other students: what they wish for to support their studies and bring out the voices of my fellow students in doctoral program board. I would like to influence on PhD courses since I have few good ideas which courses would be beneficial in doctoral schools or programs. I have previous experience as being a student representative in department council of Food and Environmental Sciences in years 2009-2011.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Plant Sci­ences

Gugan Eswaran

I am Gugan Eswaran, conducting my doctoral research on cambial stem cells using Arabidopsis thaliana as a model plant, in Dr. Ari Pekka Mähönen’s Plant Growth Dynamics group at The Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences. As a student representative, my role is, to improve as well as establishing an administrative structure for current PhD students that will bring a strong scientific and social connection among them. This means, as a student representative, my service is (but not limited) to,
-Being approachable under any given circumstances for the PhD students issues.
-Represent their voice, bring not only the issues but also solutions on to the table.
-Bridging the students and the doctoral program.


Maitry Paul

I am a doctoral student in the Faculty of agriculture and forestry and I started my Ph.D. in the early summer of 2015. I did my Masters in Agricultural science from India and coming to Finland was my first international visit. I have been in administrative responsibilities before, during my masters, therefore, I have an experience in handling these assignments. I want to stand for this position so that I can become a vital bridge between the doctoral students and the university administrative system. Moreover, I can effectively communicate the issues and update them for any change in the system. Social gathering always helps to create group motivations and that already exist in DPPS program. I will continue maintaining the spirit and will be always accessible to the people whenever they need me. Based on the above, I would gladly offer my candidacy for the position of student representative in DPPS program.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Sus­tain­able Use of Re­new­able Nat­ural Re­sources

Jaakko Mäkelä

I’m a third-year doctoral student with a master’s degree in environmental soil science. After working at MTT/Luke for a few years, I’ve recently made the jump over to the private sector. I now work for a startup company on nutrient recycling. In combination to my keen interest in one day teaching at university level, I’d like to bring onto the board the point of view of those doctoral students who work in the industry and private sector in addition to campuses and institutes. I have some familiarity with faculty level administration through my participation in the teaching skills committee as a student member. In addition, I’ve been a student tutor for a few times, and participated in the mentor program as a researcher working in a research institute.


Maiju Kosunen

I am a 3rd year doctoral student in Forest sciences, at the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry. My studies concentrate on how wind and bark beetle disturbances affect forest soil carbon dynamics. As a student representative of AGFOREE Doctoral programme steering group, I’d hope to get to develop the programme, and doctoral education overall, to meet the needs and wishes of students even better.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Wild­life Bio­logy

Mikko Kivikoski



Irene Conenna

Hi to everyone, I am Irene Conenna and I started my PhD this year as part of the LUOVA Doctoral Programme. I study ecology and conservation of bats in arid environments, and in particular, I work in a remote national park in northern Kenya. I am applying for this position since I believe it is important to keep good communication between students and decision makers in the Programme, as well as have a reference person in case of specific issues or just need to talk. And hopefully, I’ll learn quickly how to do that!