Natural Sciences (DONASCI)

Doctoral School in Natural Sciences

Anton Saressalo

I am Anton, a second-year doctoral candidate at the MATRENA program of the Doctoral School of Natural Sciences. I was active in representing students all my time as a (non-graduate) students and now I am willing to take that to the next level. My vision is to bring more visibility and impact for the advocacy of PhD students at the University of Helsinki. This can be achieved by open dicussions in every direction. The PhD representatives’ task is to be the voice of the doctoral candidates and that’s why it is important to get opinions from people with different aspects. Also, regular discussion between the PhD representatives – across each administrative level – is important to bring forward the key goals, which are for me:
– Equal conditions for all doctoral candidates regardless of their type of funding.
– Doctoral candidates to be widely recoognized as experts, not students.
– Making sure that all the candidates’ tasks and schedules are planned to be realistic.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in At­mo­spheric Sci­ences

Carlton Xavier


Mika Rantanen

Hi, my name is Mika Rantanen and I’m a PhD Student in a mid of my studies, working in the Division of Atmospheric Sciences, in the Department of Physics. My research focuses on midlatitude low pressure systems and how they change when the climate is warming. In addition to my PhD studies, I also work in one EU project in which global research infrastructures are analysed. Outside of work life, I’m an enthusiastic birdwatcher, and trying to balance my free time between my family and birdwatching. I wanted to have new experiences and new aspects into my work so I applied for the student representative place in the steering committee. I don’t have any previous experience in any organization or committee work so this position sounded like a good start. I will do my best to bring the PhD students’ voice to be heard, so if you have any issues or ideas you want to bring into consideration, please let me know!

Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Chem­istry and Mo­lecu­lar Sci­ences

Daniel Rico del Cerro

Originally from Spain. I am open minded, social, helpful, and hard worker. I am meticulous decision maker and good in organizing events. I perform great adaptability to any situation, always with a positive attitude.

I come to Finland in 2012 as an Erasmus exchange student for the first time. Now I am doing my Ph.D. studies at the chemistry department in materials chemistry division at University of Helsinki.

At my home university I had been always motivated and committed to contribute to the University life, giving the best of myself and helping visiting students. So now it is time to do it in Finland. I am honoured to represent students in the steering committee of Chemistry and Molecular Sciences (CHEMS) doctoral programme. I am willing to be a connection between the students and the doctoral school.

After been familiar with the country, and the work environment, I feel ready to help other students, especially recently incorporated, with the typical issues that move into a new country involve, so here I offer also a hand.


Sofia Otaru

I am a first year Doctoral student in the CHEMS program (at the Department of Chemistry – Radiochemistry). I finished my Master´s thesis 2017 in the Tracers for Molecular Imaging Team (TRIM) and was excited to be able to continue on this path as a Doctoral student. My research is focused on fluorine-18 kit-labeling methodologies for peptides which will be utilized in PET imaging. I did my Bachelor’s and Master’s studies at the University of Helsinki so I have a lot of insight as a HU student that I would like to put into use as a student representative of the steering group


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Com­puter Sci­ence

Sara Ramezanian

I am a second year doctoral student in the Department of Computer Science. My research is focused on cryptographic privacy-preserving protocols. As a master student, I studied at University of Turku in Finland. My motivations to apply for this position are:
I have a keen interest to develop my academic career further, and believe that as an international student who lived in Finland for more than five years, I can be a good representative for both national and international students. I am easily approachable and work well with everyone.


Krista Longi

I am starting my second year of PhD studies, and I have completed both my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees here at the University of Helsinki. I wish to be part of the steering group to participate in the improvement of the program for everyone. I am especially interested in developing international collaborations and mobility, as well as supporting collaborations and communication within the students of the doctoral school. I have international and multi-disciplinary experience, as well as experience in local student organisation work. I have also been a tutor for international students four times. As a result, I am familiar with the University, I have been following the recent changes, and I am familiar with a lot of the issues students might face here during their studies.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Geosciences

Minja Seitsamo-Ryynänen

(Short description of myself: short and blonde.)
Being part of the steering group would be an effective way to be involved with matters affecting our education. As a member of the steering group, I would
– actively contribute to the decision making aiming to improve our doctoral education.
– make sure important information travels between doctoral students and the steering group.
– not hesitate to voice out any problems doctoral students are experiencing.

Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Ma­ter­i­als Re­search and Nanos­ciences

Ville Lovikka

I am a cross-disciplined researcher and hold a PhD student position both at the University of Helsinki and Aalto University. I wish to have a long academic career and to improve the connection between universities and the rest of society. To reach this goal I need to learn more about the governance in universities, and there the steering groups of doctoral program and/or school would be a natural first platform.

My prior experience includes several years in various student organization governments (Alter Ego, Kumpulan speksi, HYS), including a year as a secretary and a chair.

I believe in continuity, peace to work, meaningful collaboration and cross-disciplinarity, and would take these in consideration in all decision-making. I’d like to be approachable and offer a channel for suggestions and requests for help towards the steering group.


Lauri Koivula

I am a second year PhD student in MATRENA. I work as a specializing physicist in the Helsinki University Hospital Cancer Center as a part of my training alongside my doctoral studies. My research involves utilizing MR-imaging in radiotherapy treatment planning.
It is important that the steering groups contains researchers and professionals from the full spectrum of academic career which enables a more democratic and open process. This provides an easier access and communication between students and the doctoral program. The role of representatives is a crucial one when developing and steering the doctoral programs and the whole university towards the future. Being a PhD student representative does not mean only reaching for the benefits and wellbeing for the PhD students, but to be able to see the entire education and research system from a different perspective.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Math­em­at­ics and Stat­ist­ics

Brecht Donvil

I am a second year doctoral student at the department of Mathematics and Statistics. I am originally from Belgium and moved to Helsinki a little over two years ago. I am very motivated to represent the interests of the doctoral students in DOMAST.


Miriam Hägele

I am a first year doctoral student at the department of Mathematics and Statistics in Financial and Insurance Mathematics. After completing my Bachelor degree in Germany I moved to Finland for my Master studies. I look forward to be your representative on the board of DOMAST.


Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Particle Phys­ics and Uni­verse Sci­ences

Joona Havukainen


Santeri Laurila

Hi, I’m Santeri Laurila, a third-year PhD student in Doc­toral Pro­gramme in Particle Phys­ics and Uni­verse Sci­ences. In my PhD work, I search for new particles known as charged Higgs bosons by analyzing data collected by the CMS experiment, a huge particle detector that records proton-proton collisions of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. As a student representative, I want to be the ears and eyes of the student community in PAPU steering group, and also make sure that the student perspective is taken into account in decision-making. If you have any questions, ideas or initiatives concerning the work of PAPU steering group, don’t hesitate to contact me (!