Coe’s Recognition Retreat II

Text and images: Heikki J. Koskinen

Our Centre of Excellence held its second Recognition Retreat at Hvittorp in Kirkkonummi during 7-8 April 2016. The official programme started with lunch on Thursday and concluded with another one on Friday.

1 – Kopio

The programme included four sessions, three of which took place on Thursday and one on Friday morning. During the first session, Jari Kaukua‘s and Hanne Appelqvist‘s successful project applications were duly recognized.

4 – Kopio

5 – Kopio

After this, the CoE members reported on some interesting conference activities that they had participated in during the last year or so.

In the second session, Risto Saarinen presented information on the Academy of Finland procedures and practicalities of the second half of the CoE during 2017-2019. There was also an opportunity to discuss various related issues and raise questions that came to mind.

6 – Kopio

The third and final session of Thursday began with Antti Ruotsala‘s presentation of his studies of Mongol and other Asian cultures.





After the final session of the first day, we proceeded to enjoy some evening snack together with free conversation and more music by Aku Visala and Panu-Matti Pöykkö.

7 – Kopio

9 – Kopio

The Friday morning session then consisted in some group work towards the application required for the latter part of the CoE period. In the early Friday afternoon, after lunch and the official conclusion, the board held its meeting while some other CoE members participated in a guided tour of the Villa Hvittorp.