Meet the new HELSUS trainees!

Two new trainees and a non-military service person started their internships with HELSUS at the beginning of this fall. Read their introductions below to get to know them better.

Hi! My name is Lina Wilson and I am a new trainee at HELSUS for autumn 2022. I will be working with communication related to HELSUS seminars, social media, website updates and content creation. My background is in Environmental and Marine Biology, currently I’m studying in the ECGS Master’s program. My first experience with HELSUS was working at the Science Sustainability Days conference last Spring as a Student assistant. The sessions and topics were really interesting and it was fun being a bit behind the scenes in arranging the event. Now I get to do that even more which I’m excited about!

In my studies, I’m focusing on Northern Ecosystems and the changes that happen there. I’m passionate about the well-being of nature and want to inspire people around me to think about their relationship with nature and what they can do to create a better world, especially in their everyday life. Therefore I’ve together with a friend created a sustainability account and blog (@klimatkompisar), as well as been part of arranging different climate events at my former University. In my free time, I enjoy horse riding, singing and spending time outdoors. I’m very happy to be here at HELSUS and looking forward to all the new experiences that lie ahead!

Hi and nice to meet you! I’m Mesi Salonmaa and I’m a new HELSUS trainee for fall 2022. My responsibilities at HELSUS are mainly focused on developing, organizing and teaching the Sustainability Course but you might also see me working on various other things during this fall. I’m on my second year of studying General and Adult Education in the faculty of Educational Sciences. In my studies I focus on equality issues in education and social sciences along with environmental sciences. I’ve also obtained a degree on youth work and used to work as a youth leader before starting my Bachelor’s degree at the university. I am still fairly new on the field of sustainability but I’m looking forward to broadening my knowledge and experiences regarding it as well as all the other exciting themes I’ll come across during my time with HELSUS. I want to be part of building a more sustainable future and present day through inclusive and environmentally conscious education. 

I’m the kind of person who gets excited over new things and themes constantly so in my free time I love to indulge in learning about anything that interests me e.g. insectsbiodiversity, video games and education. I paint and draw too, as well as try out new forms of self-expression through music or fiber arts or just anything I find exciting at the moment. I look forward to meeting everyone at HELSUS and getting to work with other people passionate about sustainability. I hope to learn more and have fun this fall as well as be part of making the world even a bit more sustainable along the way.  

Hello! My name is Amos Wallgren and I am the new HELSUS non-military service person for 2022/2023. My responsibilities at HELSUS are mostly focused on coordinating the Co-Creation Lab but I am also looking forward to working on various other tasks with my new co-workers. I’m a master’s student in the Politics and Communication master’s program in the Faculty of Social Sciences. Beside my studies I am a climate justice activist, involved especially in activities pushing for the quick phasing out of fossil fuels with the support of non-violent direct action as well as long term civilizational change, topics on which I have published an essay in the book Viimeinen Siirto (ed. Teemu Vaarakallio, S&S 2021). I also work part time as a policy consultant for eclareon GmbH on renewable energy policy developments in Finland and Sweden with the European Commission as main client.

My interests are found in the intersections of politics, art and philosophy on topics such as political ecology, pacifism, deliberative democracy, the philosophical discourse of modernity, degrowth, pluriverse and systemic alternatives to authoritarian capitalism. Participating in climate camps, reading and cycling are also some of my favorite free-time activities.

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