Is Sinology philosophy? Is studying Chinese philosophy Sinology?

The Centre is pleased to announce a seminar on complex relationship between Sinology and Chinese philosophy, organised by the Nordic Network on Chinese Thought (NNCT), in a hybrid format and as a contact seminar at the University of Lapland on the 14th October, 2022.

The seminar “Is Sinology philosophy, is studying Chinese philosophy Sinology?” will be led by Professor Tao Jiang as the key-note speaker, remapping the intellectual landscape of classical Chinese philosophy through key categories of humanness, justice and personal freedom.

The event will then be followed by (1) the discussion of the evolution of the concept of ren (humanness) in Confucian philosophy by Senior Research Fellow Jyrki Kallio; (2) the discussion of the nature and definition of ”concepts” in traditional Chinese thought by Professor emeritus Torbjörn Lodén; and (3) the presentation of the argument of European philosophy offers promising resources for the practice of and approach to cross-cultural philosophy by Professor Matti Nojonen.

The full programme can be viewed here. The participation link will be opened on the NNCT homepage  in due time before the event takes place.

This blog post was written by the Center’s intern, Li Tsz Yau Dorothy.