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Language bank

The aim of the Klaara network is to provide the researchers with access to as much easy language text as possible in the Language Bank of Finland (Kielipankki).

So far, the language bank includes the Selkosanomat online newspaper in Easy Finnish (formerly known as Selkouutiset) and the Leija magazine in Easy Finnish. Both publications are included in the Corpus of Finnish Magazines and Newspapers from the 1990s and 2000s, Version 2, which is openly available through the Korp service of the Language Bank of Finland. You can search the two publications mentioned above using this address.

The Language Bank of Finland is a range of services managed by the FIN-CLARIN consortium formed by Finnish universities, CSC and the Institute for the Languages of Finland (Kotus). The majority of the data sets in the Language Bank are publicly available and can be accessed without registration. The Language Bank services enable users to make versatile searches in data sets. Researchers can also process text or speech data using various tools and submit data they have collected to be shared though the Language Bank service.


Zotero includes a reference database on easy language research called Easy-to-read. References related to easy language and research on the topic are compiled to the database. The database can be used on a browser or with free software you download on your computer.

The database is public and can be accessed by anyone. Contact the database administrators for a right to update the database. The University of Helsinki library has provided technical support for using Zotero. The library has also agreed to provide easy language researchers with training on using Zotero.

For more information about the database, contact Sari Karjalainen, sarikstudio(at)

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