Call for Papers: “The Dead Sea Scrolls” (Cordoba, July 2015)

For those that would like to present a paper on the Dead Sea Scrolls this summer in Europe, consider the EABS Annual Meeting in Cordoba, Spain, July 12-15th! 

This year’s EABS annual meeting will include a new research group on the Dead Sea Scrolls led by Mika Pajunen and Jeremy Penner of the CSTT. In this research group, there is a particular emphasis on worship in the Scrolls and in other sources from the late Second Temple period, such as, some of the late books of the Hebrew Bible (e.g., Chronicles, Daniel, and some Psalms), the Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, as well as available inscriptions and archaeological evidence.


For the 2015 meeting in Cordoba the research group invites proposals for two sessions on the Dead Sea Scrolls:

  • The first, a partly invited session, will be on the functions of psalms during the late Second Temple period. We invite proposals that deal with any aspect relating to the functions of psalms, both canonical and non-canonical, in this time period.
  • The second is an open session where we invite papers related to any aspect of Dead Sea Scrolls research, with preference given to papers that bring the Scrolls into a dialogue with other available sources from the late Second Temple period.

The full programme of the research group “The Dead Sea Scrolls“, as well as the Call for Papers for the sessions at the conference in Cordoba can be found on the website of the European Association of Biblical Studies. Note: the deadline to submit an abstract is March 15, 2015.