People and Planet 2024

YLLI (Equality in suburban physical activity environment) project participated in the international People and Planet Conference in Lahti on February 13-15, 2024. The aim of the conference was to examine the connections between individual health and planetary health and to discuss ways to protect and improve planetary well-being. Scientists shared research results, proposed solutions, and discussed the themes with each other. The title of the conference ”From theory to solutions” reflected the essential goal of bringing researched knowledge and expertise into practice and finding science-based solutions to tackle sustainability challenges.

YLLI project’s presentation introduced data and information tools for enhancing physical activity equality and accessibility. We also participated in the speakers’ panel discussion about healthy and sustainable mobility.

The conference brought together researchers, decision-makers, and experts from various backgrounds. Participants consisted of environmental researchers, urban planners, architects, doctors, statisticians, and municipal workers among others. The speakers strongly agreed that interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration are essential for promoting planetary well-being and sustainability. 

Read more about the conference: People and Planet 2024 | University of Helsinki

Conference opening words in Fellmannia campus building. (Photo: Liisa Vänttinen)
Discussion of leaders at Lahti City Hall. (Photo: Liisa Vänttinen)