Board 2023

President: Dritëro Ferri

Hey there! I’m Dritëro and I’m in my third year at the Swedish programme in History here in Helsinki. This is my first year in ISHA and I hope to do my part in helping this student association rise from the ashes of the pandemic. 

In my spare time I enjoy seeing friends, and spending time with family, as well as teaching myself various tunes on the mandolin. I also enjoy trying new coffee recipes with my dear moka pot or making pizza when I should be submitting assignments. Most of my leisure time probably goes towards reading about Balkan history and politics as well as other books. I am of the opinion that politics is something one definitely ought to bring up when meeting new people — what better way to instantly learn about somebody’s values ;) 

Favourite foods: Never thought I’d ever hear myself say this but: pizza and burgers. Hope I didn’t come off as too Canadian there.

Vice President: Henna Korkiakangas

Hello everyone, I am Henna, MA student of Society and Change, majoring in political history. I’m especially interested in gender equality and international migration. In my free time you can find me wandering in art museums or the streets of Munkkiniemi. Also, I love reading and I’m always up for a chat about books, politics, or breaking the patriarchy.

This is my second year in ISHA. I spent the spring semester doing my student exchange in London, but now I’m back in ISHA business. I’m really looking forward all the upcoming events and seminars. See you there!

Favourite foods: La cucina italiana

Secretary: Riina Nikulainen

I’m Riina, a fifth-year Society and Change programme student. I am currently working on my thesis under the Social and Economic history discipline. On the side I have studied politics and economics. 

This is my second full year in ISHA Helsinki, and I hope to bring new members through our activities to ISHA Helsinki this year.

As a fun fact I am a gothic horror enthusiast, and I will often try and sneak the topic into different areas of my life. 

Favourite foods: Curry and sour sweeties.

Treasurer / Historicus Representative: Ragna Moshagen

Taso Representative: Iida Aitolahti

Polho Representative: Sonetta Humala