New Year Seminar 2013




ISHA Helsinki warmly welcomes you to explore the Finnish winter wonderland, to learn about history, to meet awesome people all over Europe and to celebrate the beginning of the year 2014!

The ISHA New Year Seminar “Violence, Vice and Crime – the Conspicious Aspects of Human Society” will take place in the heart of Helsinki from 30th of December 2013 to 3rd of January 2014. Seminar’s participation fee will be 100 euros which includes accomodation for 4 nights in 4-person rooms in Omena Hotel and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner). The seminar contains an academic and a social part. The seminar includes an academic and a social part.

In academic part, you can choose between five interesting workshops, were you will hold a presentation of your own as well as listen to other participants’. The presentations, experience tells, often tell you about things, places and people you might never have heard of and raise interesting discussions.

The social part, on the other hand, gets you in contact with people from all over Europe. And we can assure you, ISHA-people know how to have fun! The seminar has a very considerable cultural offering, since you learn to know so manu different ways people live their lives. You will also get almost a once in a lifetine chance to learn about Finland from the Finns themselves! Finland has a unique student culture and we wish to show you the best of it.

Application period is on until 11th of October, so fill out the form and join us for an experince of your life!

More info about the seminar will appear here later, so stay tuned!

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Rage – ISHA New Year Seminar Publication

A result of the seminar workshops and the seminar itself can be viewed below. For feedback and questions, contact editor-in-chief Teemu Perhiö (teemu.perhio[at]

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Violence in Medieval Times
The workshop will focus on the spesific forms of violence and crime in Medieval Times (ca.500–1500). What kind of role did violence play in medieval society in different areas? Is it true, that Medieval Age was more violent than, say, 18th and 19th centuries? What were the most common crimes and how were they defined? Who had the authority to say what was criminal and did the authority change with time?

Gendered violence and crime
In this workshop the participants will observe forms of violence and crime which somehow have something to do with sex and/or gender in historical perspective. How has gender affected the intepretations of crime? Are men and women as violent? How has society reacted for example to prostitution or sex outside marriage? Can some crimes be sorted by gender and why?

Political violence
Political violence is a wide area, including phenomena such as persecution of certain groups, war crimes, police brutality; which the participants of this workshop will try to make sense of. What motivates political violence? How are violent acts or crimes justified? What is the individual’s responsibility of group’s actions? How has political violence evolved during history?

Cultural Images of Violence and Crime
In this workshop the participants will explore the vast area of arts. How has violence or crime been interpreted in diffrent forms of art during history? What kind of crimes are presented and what are left out? Why do artist present violent aspects of human society? How are the interpretations different for example in movies, photography or painting?

History of Environmental Crime
Environmental Crimes can seem to be quite new area of discussion, but everything has its history. How has mankind affected its environment? What acts have been considered as environmental crimes in different periods? How has the idea of environmental crime evolved?

Additional workshop: How to ISHA?
This is an optional workshop which will last for one hour. Workshop will adapt according to preferences of participants, but as general topics it will include a discussion on how we define ISHA, how ISHA can better attract new members, and how to increase academic quality.

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Monday 30.12.
9–19: Arrivals
20–>: Ice-breaking party + sauna

Tuesday 31.12.
10–12: Welcome words + opening lecture (dosent Risto Marjomaa PhD.)
12–13: Lunch
13–18: Workshops
18–19: Dinner
20–>: New Year’s Party

Wednesday 1.1.
10–12: City tour
12–13: Lunch
13–18 Workshops
18–19: Dinner
20–>: National Drinks Party

Thursday 2.1.
10–12: Final conclusions
12–13: Lunch
13–14: How to ISHA
14–18: State of Affairs
19–>: Academic Dinner Party “Sitsit”

Friday 3.1.
9–19: Bye-byes!

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Fill out this form to apply to the seminar. Please remember to fill out the form carefully. You will receive confirmation of the your registration. Registration is binding, but if you have to cancel, please remember to inform us at least in 4 weeks advance, otherwise we can’t find you replacement.