2. Minorities and Inequality 

2. Minorities and Inequality: What Constitutes a Minority? 

There is no universally agreed definition to what a minority is, what constitutes it, what are its main features. In this workshop, we will try to understand why and deepen the understanding of the concept of minorities in several spheres. The workshop will address themes such as gender, ethnicity, class, sexual identity, indigenous peoples and religion in history. Participants are obviously welcome to contribute with other insights they might think will be relevant.

We will have the opportunity to visit the exhibition Mäccmõš, maccâm, máhccan – The Homecoming at the National Museum of Finland dedicated to the cultural heritage of the Sámi people in Finland. This will allow us to broaden our knowledge on this particular community and enhance the discussion regarding other kinds of minorities.

Each participant will be holding a short presentation (15 min c.a.) on a subject of their choice and is required to send us a short abstract (max 150 words) in advance. 

We hope to have you onboard soon! 

Workshop leaders:
Saga Brummer & Valentina Cola