Board 2021

President, the 3rd Social Media and Communications Responsible & Equality Responsible:

Noora Honkola (

Hello all🌸 I’m a second year political science student here in HU with my majors being communication and world politics. My free time is usually spent in the gym or in a sushi buffet with friends.

I wanted to be a part of ISHA Helsinki because I wanted to broaden my societal view above my majors and also get to know other student organisations besides the ones in my faculty of social sciences. I’ve had a lot of fun with our student boards and i’m also looking forward to meeting students in other countries as well!

Our organisation welcomes all international minded people despite your faculty🌸

Currently enjoying: Bridgerton

Vice President and the 1st Social Media and Communications Responsible:

Riina Nikulainen (

I am a first-year master’s student in Economic and social history. My main interests are macroeconomics and the history of the concept of family.

In my free time I enjoy horror literature and crocheting small animal figures.

I joined ISHA Helsinki because I wanted to expand my understanding of the study and interpretation of history on an international level. In ISHA Helsinki I get to make friends not only with the students of the University of Helsinki, but also with students from other countries. I recommend ISHA Helsinki to anyone who is interested in history and international relationships regardless of their academic discipline.

Fun fact, my favourite period drama is Lost in Austen.


ISHA International Responsible and the 2nd Social Media and Communications Responsible

Elina Sipilä (

Hey, I’m Elina! I am studying my 1st year of MA studies at the Society and Change programme and I’m majoring in economic and social history. I wrote my BA thesis on civic engagement for better childcare opportunities in 1968 Helsinki and generally I’m interested in social movements and topics considering LGBTQ and gender.

I began my “ISHA career” in the 2018 ISHA Helsinki board and was swept along in the international atmosphere after attending the summer seminar in Warsaw 2018. This year I’m also working as the president of ISHA International and I’m looking forward to contributing to ISHA both on local and international levels. Outside university and organisation work I like going outside in nature, knit and listen to music and podcasts, and watch TV shows and movies. My favorite history-themed show is Black Sails!

Fun fact: I have just moved to Vienna for my Erasmus semester and I will be living here for the next few months!



Annika Malmberg (


I’m majoring in economic and social history, and I’m predominantly interested in contemporary history. The thing I like about ISHA is that it brings together students from different countries as well as students of different fields of history.


Favourite historical TV show: Peaky Blinders



Internationality Responsible and Taso-relations Responsible:

I’m a first-year BA student in the Society & Change programme, aiming to pick either political history or economic and social history as my major subject. I’m interested in 19th-century Imperial History (Britain, Russia, Austria-Hungary) and the histories of spies, cults, secret societies and other exciting and hidden stuff. In addition to studying, I read and write speculative fiction, play the piano, and also sing in a choir in my free time.

I joined ISHA Helsinki to meet people from various parts of the world, hang out with other history students and get some experience in organising international events. I highly recommend taking part in our activities if you’re even mildly interested!

Favourite history-inspired musical: Elisabeth


Polho-relations Responsible and Environment Responsible:

Nelli Nokelainen (


Hey, I am Nelli, freshman in societal change. My responsibilities in ISHA are having connections with Polho and taking care of the environmental sustainability of our actions and events. In my freetime I like to sing, cook, listen to podcasts and dream of travelling.


Favourite historical TV show: The Crown



Seminar Responsible and Historicus-relations Responsible:

Ted Hellsten (

I am a second-year Master student in general history. My interests concern the 18th century and intellectual history. In my spare time I like to read books and play video games.

ISHA as an organization offers the possibilities to broaden your view and meet history students from other countries. I have participated in ISHA events like the New Year seminar in Zagreb in 2020 (before the pandemic) and it has always been and interesting experience and helping to broaden my own viewpoints. On a more local level ISHA Helsinki has offered cultural events, guided tours and so forth which I have enjoyed. I can warmly recommend ISHA for those who would like to meet history students from different areas of the field and other countries.

Favourite book: Iron Kingdom: The Rise and Downfall of Prussia 1600-1947 by Christopher Clark. The most recent book that I have read is Born a crime: Stories from a South African childhood that was written by a South African comedian Trevor Noah.


Secretary and Kronos-relations Responsible: Atte Koreneff (

Atte Koreneff (


Hello. My name is Atte Koreneff and I’m this year’s ISHA Helsinki secretary. I’m a history student. I’m doing my master thesis at the moment. I specialize in East Asia. Mainly the big three; Japan, China and Korea. I have been in ISHA Helsinki a long time.