1. Global Inequality

Inequality between the different regions of the Globe is a recurring topic in historical research. Historians that tackle these topics often ask the following questions: Could certain historical developments explain the existing inequality and inequity between the rich and the poor countries? What could today’s world do to reduce and/or eliminate those gaps? What past event(s) could explain the various economic, cultural and sociological differences? 

Depending on the research interests of the workshop leaders and participants, the workshop could address themes such as differences between the northern and southern countries or the dynamic between the West and the rising powers in the East. The workshop would also address the historical background of these divisions, such as the role of various institutions and ideologies such as colonialism and imperialism in creating these divisions. The workshop leaders will also stimulate debates and discussions on the topics mentioned above (as well as talking about other, similar topics), so we expect the participants to engage in these discussions as much as possible.

While the workshop topic itself is very broad, the workshop leaders are going to mainly focus on political inequality. However, any topic that is vaguely tied to this workshop will be accepted.  

The participants of the workshop are expected to provide a short presentation (between 15-20 minutes in length) and a short summary in which they explain the main points and arguments of their topic (max. 800 words).

Workshop leaders:
Atte Koreneff & Tomislav Romolić