The tentative plan for the seminar week 10.01-16.01.2022 (changes in the schedule are possible):

Arrival, Dinner, Ice-Breaking Party

Breakfast, Opening Ceremony, Lunch, How to ISHA*, City Tours, Dinner, Spare-time Programme

Breakfast, Workshops, Lunch, Workshops, Dinner, Game Evening

Breakfast, Workshops, Lunch, Workshops, Dinner, Roundtable**, Spare-time Programme

Breakfast, Day Trip to Espoo***, (Lunch), Day Trip / Museum / Free time, Sitsit & National Food and Drinks

Breakfast, Final Conclusion / Closing Ceremony, Lunch, General Assembly, Dinner, Farewells

Sunday: Departure

Programme details:
How to ISHA: In this workshop, the officials of ISHA International present how ISHA International functions: what the officials in the International Board and the Council do, what tasks there are to administer, what is the General Assembly and how it works, and what does it mean to be an active member of ISHA. In addition to getting an introduction to ISHA structure and ISHA politics, the Think Tank Equality of Inclusion of ISHA presents the results of the Equality & Inclusion Survey that was conducted in spring 2021, and leads a brainstorming session on what could ISHA do to become more equal and inclusive for its current and future members.

Roundtable: In the roundtable, we will discuss inequalities of work and working life present in history but also in the present. In addition to working life, we can touch on the topic of how the university prepares (or should prepare us) for the working life, and how the circumstances differ in different countries and universities. More information on the roundtable will be provided soon!

Daytrip: We will organise a day trip within the AB-travel zone in the Uusimaa region. More information on the day trip follow, but the current plan is to have a trip to Espoo – the city next to Helsinki – and a museum visit. But who knows, maybe the weather will be winter-y enough to organise a sledging excursion to a hill in the middle of nowhere?