How to Apply

Application form 

The application for the New Year Seminar is now open! The application period is from 9th November until 28th November 2021, so remember to apply on time. The application form can be found here:

What to actually write in my application? 

If you haven’t written an application to an ISHA seminar before or it’s been a long time since you’ve applied for a seminar (thanks, covid), writing an application text might feel tricky. Better check some information on that just in case, right?

In the general motivation to attend the seminar, you should – as quite self-explanatory – include why you are interested and motivated to attend the New Year Seminar 2022 in Helsinki! Below you can have a look at some tips on what to include in the workshop motivation texts. You can, for example, write about your interest in the topic, which topics you would like to see discussed during the workshops and/or your preliminary presentation idea for the workshop. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us or directly one of the workshop leaders, if you have any questions!

How to write an application by ISHA International’s Training Committee. Source of the picture:

Application and acceptance criteria: 

In order to apply for the seminar, you will have to fill out an application form that will be opened on the 9th of November. Send the application before midnight on 28th November. In the application form, you will provide us with your personal details, and write why are motivated to attend the seminar and a motivation text for three different workshops. The participants for the seminar and each workshop are chosen based on;

  • the academic strength of the application
  • the motivation of the participant
  • the number of participants from ISHA sections
  • the number of attended seminars
  • balance regarding gender and age
  • precedence for officials of ISHA International

Additionally, due to the covid-19 situation, we have decided that in order to participate in the seminar, you commit to present a covid-19 vaccination pass. We want to organise the seminar as safely as possible under pandemic times and making sure everyone is vaccinated is the safest and most logical option. In addition, during the seminar week, there will most likely (still) be vaccination pass regulations in Helsinki.

Alternatively, you can present a certificate of having had covid-19 in the last six months or a certificate of a negative PCR test from the last 72 hours. In the case of a participant presenting PCR test results instead of a vaccination pass, the additional test results during the seminar week are to be paid at the participant’s own cost. We strongly recommend having a vaccination pass. It makes your seminar experience a lot less complicated and more safe for you and everyone else around you.

We will give updates regarding the covid-19 regulations in November and December before the seminar. Here you can also find the present Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic. Another useful website is Finentry.

Acceptance and what to do after

If your application has been accepted and we welcome you to attend the seminar, you will need to pay the application fee (100€) to ISHA Helsinki in order to verify your attendance at the seminar. We will notify you of the deadline for paying the participation fee later after the application period has been ended and we have gone through all the applications.

In addition, in order to get the attendance certificate from the seminar, you will also have to follow the instructions of the workshop leaders in the workshop you were chosen to participate in. This might include, for example, preparing an abstract of your presentation topic. But don’t worry, we and the workshop leaders will be in contact with you about the instructions!

Freelancing at the seminar

You can also freelance at the seminar. Students interested to join the conference as freelancers can do so if they arrange their own accommodation and food. ISHA Helsinki can assist you with this and give you a recommendation for suitable accommodation.

As a freelancer, you will be able to join parts of the academic program (the opening lecture, roundtable, final conclusions, How to ISHA?, and some workshop sessions) and the social program. Participation in the cultural program is possible when open spots are available and/or for a certain fee. Freelancer form can be found here:

Cancellation policy  

We understand that attending a seminar abroad in these times creates a lot of uncertainty. Therefore, you are able to cancel your participation at the seminar until the 20th of December and get a full refund of the participation fee (100€). If you cancel by the 27th of December, we can refund 50% (50€) of the participation fee. After the 27th of December refund of the participation fee is unfortunately no longer possible.