6.  PhD Workshop

This PhD workshop will consist of two main parts. During the first part, each participant will be able to present their research, followed up by a feedback session; in the second part, we will focus on learning and improving our transferable skills. 

The workshop will kick off with everyone presenting their research, theoretical framework, main research questions, problems and issues in conducting research, source material, etc. This will be followed by critical but constructive feedback and support from your peers. Because all participants will come from very different cultural and educational backgrounds and are in different stages of research and even different disciplines, we are sure that this will be a fruitful opportunity to enrich your own research with new perspectives and solutions  Moreover, there will be also time to share your experiences, struggles, problems, the way covid affected your research, … provide solutions and support each other. 

The second part of the workshop will focus on transferable skills and common research-related problems. Because there are so many skills that will enhance your research and you yourself as a researcher, we think it will be best to tailor this part of the workshop to your needs. Possible topics are (but are not limited to) interdisciplinary research, academic English, how to write grant proposals, elevator pitches, scientific posters, communication and networking skills, etc. If you are preparing a project proposal, close-readings and detailed feedback are also a possibility. 

This workshop is aimed at both current doctoral students and MA students who are considering starting a PhD in the future. In the case of MA students, they can use the first session to present their preliminary project proposals with which they will seek PhD funding. 

When applying for the PhD workshop, please state the phase your research is in (how long you have been doing your PhD, or if you are a MA student), and also include which transferable skills you would like to see tackled in the second part of the workshop. 

Workshop leaders:
Charlotte Rottiers & Saska Heino