Introduction to “Many Faces of Inequality”

Many faces of inequality are closer to our scrutiny than ever in the current globalised world since social media is bringing several social movements to the consciousness of the whole world. Different movements, for example, Black Lives Matter and Me Too, have brought up attention to different forms of discrimination like (institutionalised) racism, sexism and discriminating norms and structures that still shape our societies. In Finland too – which is usually presented as a good example of a country with high equality – there is still a prevalence of gendered violence, racism, and discrimination.

Inequalities still shape the world and our societies. Discrimination has existed for as long as humanity itself, and in order to understand the current state of the world, we must understand inequalities in the past. Our New Year Seminar 2022 delves deep into the roots and continuities of inequality and changes in different forms of discrimination in various areas of societies.

During the seminar, we are looking at several issues concerning inequalities and their history: What is the role of imperialism in the current social and economical differences between the Global South and the Global North? How can one study the role of minorities and do that in an ethical manner? What role do economics and different power hierarchies play in producing and reducing inequality? What impacts do economic inequality and, for example, economic crises and poverty have in societies? What impact does representation, for example, in media and politics, have on the visibility and invisibility of cultures and minorities? Which social groups have been historically excluded from the social sphere and what hierarchies have made it so? These and many other questions and issues shall be in the spotlight of our various workshops and during the general academic programme. We would like to invite you to be part of potential solutions and new ideas!

Outside the academic programme, we wish to show you what Helsinki has got to offer in mid-January. We hope it is lots of snow, hot drinks and fun time, but might be that it will just be cold, windy, wet and rainy – who knows. The least we can promise is a fun time and a great experience with us and our fellow participants. Apply, come and find out!

Check out information on how to apply and the workshop topics! If you are feeling curious, you can also check out the current preliminary programme.