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XIII Symposium on Translation and Interpretation

University of Helsinki, 10-11 April 2015

The purpose of the annual KäTu symposia is to offer a common forum for researchers, translators and interpreters to exchange ideas and discuss developments in the field, present ongoing research and survey the state and status of Translation Studies. PhD students are an important target audience of each of the symposia, which offer doctoral candidates opportunities to receive feedback during the various stages of their research.

In 2015, the symposium is organized at the University of Helsinki. The theme of the XIII symposium is Communities of Translation and Interpreting. Both translation and interpreting cover a broad spectrum of multilingual communication and all those working within it: translators and interpreters, teachers and scholars, clients, companies, associations and critics. With this uniting theme, KäTu wishes to congratulate the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL) on its 60th anniversary.

Information and circulars pertaining to the KäTu2015 symposium will be published on this website.

The first circular and call for papers has been published in November 2014.

The second circular and call for papers, with information on registration, fees, accommodation, and other practical matters, has been published in January, 2015.

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