Cato Audio & Video Events Archive
Webcasts of talk forums and conferences of varying current topics in e.g. politics, social sciences and law, sometimes with tapescripts, PowerPoint slides etc.
Cato Institute ( a non-profit public policy research foundation), Washington D.C., USA.

Duke Law Webcasts
Videoed lectures and panel discussions on recent legal topics, e.g. the effect of  file sharing on record sales, indecency and censorship in the 21st century, and legal issues associated with age restrictions in professional sports.
Duration: about 45 min. – 1 h.
Duke University School of Law, Durham, NC, USA.

Free university lectures
Variety of lectures from various universities.

Sanakirja, jossa myös oikeustieteen erikoissanastoa englanniksi. Käytettävissä HY:n verkossa olevilla koneilla.

Oxford internet institute: webcast
Webcasts of prominent speakers, events and conferences on various themes around the internet, mainly in the fields of  law and social sciences. See section “Browse Webcast”.
University of Oxford, UK.

Translegal – legal English dictionary
TransLegal’s online dictionary.

University of California Berkeley – events and course webcasts  (with some law courses)
Podcasts and Webcasts of UC Berkeley current and archived courses. Prominent speakers and on-campus events, live and on-demand.

University of Cambridge – International Legal English Certificate
Sample tests of the International Legal English Certificate, which is a high-level examination designed to determine whether candidates whose first language is not English have an adequate level of English to function efficiently, in terms of language ability, in the international legal environment.

Valter – valtioneuvoston termipankki
Mot-sanakirja, joka sisältää valtioneuvoston kielipalveluiden tuottamia sanastoja. OIkeustieteen kannalta hyödyllisiä ainakin tuomioistuinsanasto ja verosanasto.

Vocabulary Trainer – Cambridge International Legal English
The vocabulary Trainer offers a fun and alternative way to internalise vocabulary. It can be used as self-study vocabulary practice.