American Rhetoric
An extensive database of speeches, sermons, lectures, legal proceedings, and other such recorded materials, which illustrate and exemplify the principles of rhetoric. The bulk of the content consists of texts and audio and video recordings of great American speeches and political addresses. There is also a section on the movies, featuring classic fictionalised speeches. The best-known American speeches, such as Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’, and President Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg Address’, are all included, alongside over 5,000 others.
American Rhetoric

Cato Audio & Video Events Archive
Webcasts of talk forums and conferences of varying current topics in e.g. politics, social sciences and law, sometimes with tapescripts, PowerPoint slides etc.
Duration: varies, from a few minutes to full lectures.
Cato Institute (a non-profit public policy research foundation), Washington D.C.

Cultures of Journalism
ABC:n ohjelmasarja, ainoastaan transkriptiot luettavissa.

The Democratic Way 1: 150 years of representative democracy
The Democratic Way is a series of short films outlining the development of representative democracy in Finland from the Diet of Porvoo to the present day. Along the way viewers can learn more about places, buildings and statues illustrating the continuity of regular legislative work in Finland since 1863.

Winston Churchill’s renowned ‘Iron Curtain’ speech,delivered on 5th March 1946 in Fulton, Missouri. The speech and a tapescript.
The Churchill Centre.

Oxford internet institute: webcast
Webcasts of prominent speakers, events and conferences on various themes around the internet, mainly in the fields of  law and social sciences. See section “Browse Webcast”.
University of Oxford, UK.