Seuraavat linkit sisältävät harjoituksia ja tietoa englannin ääntämisestä.

English Accents
Actress Amy Walker goes through a range of accents from around the world. She tells you how to learn to speak with a particular accent.

BBC Learning English – Pronunciation tips

English Central
Website for watching listening comprehension (videos) and pronunciation/oral skills practice. You can record your own voice and the program rates your speaking and grades you on it.

ESL Learning Centre – English Pronunciation

How to pronounce words
Hear and see videos with authentic pronunciations and usages.

Many Things
American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL).

Phonetics Focus – Cambridge English Online
“Enjoy our wide range of fun resources, specially designed to help you improve your pronunciation and knowledge of phonetics.”

Ship or Sheep
English language pronunciation practice with minimal pairs.

Sounds of English
Activities and exercises for English pronunciation and listening.