Welcome to the spring meeting 28th March

You are all warmly welcome to the association’s spring meeting that will be held 28th March at 17.30 in the meeting room Seppele in Domus Gaudium, Leppäsuontie 11, 1st floor.

At the meeting we will go through the action report of last year and the auditors report, and formally grant last year’s board freedom of responsibility.

In addition, we are looking for a couple of new board members. At the autumn meeting last year we changed the bylaws, so that the board from the beginning of this year can have up to 13 members. Currently we are 10 board members (and two officers), which means that there is room for three more board members. Another “lighter” way to participate is to come along as an officer. As officer you don’t have the right to vote at meetings, but otherwise you are as much one of the team as anyone and can participate in all the things you want to participate in.

The board meets about once a month. At the meetings we focus on being effective and making decisions and in between we get things done in smaller working groups. We welcome any new initiatives and ideas, so if you have thoughts about what the association could or should do – come share them with us!

Last but not least, our working language is English, so you don’t need to worry about not knowing Finnish :)

In short, we encourage anyone at all interested in participating in the board to come to the meeting to find out more. In case you are interested in becoming a board member, but cannot attend the meeting, please let the chair know in advance!

New board for the year 2015

The autumn meeting of The Association of Doctoral Students at the University of Helsinki, held at Think Company Viikki on November 24th (minutes in Finnish), elected a new board for the association for the year 2015. Information about the board members for 2015 can be found here and the action plan for this year is here.

During the year 2015 the association will continue to act as an open forum for all its members and aims to create a link between the University of Helsinki and its doctoral students.

Extraordinary general meeting Mon 25 August!!

An extraordinary general meeting of the Association of Doctoral Students at the University of Helsinki shall be held on Monday 25th of August at 6 pm at Mannerheim-sali (New Student House, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5th floor). The agenda consists of making amendments to the bylaws. The National Office of Patents and Registers requires us to make some changes to the bylaws accepted in the founding meeting.

Welcome! On behalf of the board, Harri Waltari, chairperson

BYLAWS, final v2bylaws_final_v2

Ylimääräinen yhdistyksen kokous

Helsingin yliopiston jatko-opiskelijoiden ylimääräinen yhdistyksen kokous pidetään maanantaina 25.8. klo 18 Mannerheim-salissa (Uusi ylioppilastalo, Mannerheimintie 5 A, 5. kerros). Kokouksen aiheena on yhdistyksen sääntöjen muuttaminen. Patentti- ja rekisterihallitus edellyttää yhdistyksen tekevän joitain muutoksia perustamiskokouksessa hyväksyttyihin sääntöihin.

Tervetuloa! Hallituksen puolesta, Harri Waltari, puheenjohtaja

SÄÄNNÖT, lopullinen v2: saannot_lopullinen_v2