Työpaja 2.10.2015

Workshop “Perspectives on addressing, (im)politeness and language contacts”

organized by the project “How to address? Variation and change in address practices”


Friday, 2 October 2015, University of Helsinki, Main building, Lecture hall 11


9.15–9.30 Coffee (Room 4005, 4th floor)

9.30–9.45 Hanna Lappalainen: Introduction

Chair: Elizabeth Peterson

9.45-10.30 Tuuli Holttinen: Request strategies in service encounters – preliminary results from a contrastive study between Finnish and French

10.30-11.00 Maria Lind: Politeness in e-mail messages written in Finnish by Russian- and Finnish-speaking students

11.00–11.20 Ramona Lepik: Address practices among check-in staff working in the harbours of Helsinki and Tallinn (Hanna Lappalainen presents)

11.20–12.05 Maria Fremer: Addressing the viewer?

12.05–13.00 Lunch break

Chair: Tuuli Holttinen

13.00–13.30 Elizabeth Peterson: Licensing through English

13.30–14.15 Ulla Tuomarla: Bad behaviour on Discussion Board: the case of Finnpanzees

14.15–14.45 Coffee Break (room 4005, 4th floor)

Chair: Maria Fremer

14.45–15.30 Kaarina Mononen: Roles and expectations. Constructing understanding in elder care situations

15.30–16.00 Renate Pajusalu: Ways of addressing in Estonian institutional dialogues

16.00–16.45 Hanna Lappalainen: Explicit and implicit addressing in doctors’ questions

16.45–17.00 Closing