Melammu Symposium 9: “Conceptualizing Past, Present and Future”

To understand changes in sacred texts, it is necessary to understand changes in the cultures that produced them. The 9th Melammu Symposium, which will be held in Helsinki and Tartu on May 18-24, 2015, will be an exciting opportunity for all interested scholars to get a close look on the latest developments on the themes of continuity, transformation, and diffusion in the Near East and surrounding areas. 

In general, the main purpose of the Melammu Project is to investigate the continuity, transformation, and diffusion of Mesopotamian and Ancient Near Eastern culture from the third millennium BCE through the ancient world until Islamic times and after. Additionally, the Project studies the comparison of Mesopotamian and Ancient Near Eastern culture to cultural aspects found elsewhere, both in contemporary and different time periods. Finally, the Project is also interested in how Mesopotamian and Ancient Near Eastern culture lives on in and has influenced the modern world.

The Melammu Project organizes regular symposia on aspects related to this general subject, the next of which — Melammu Symposium 9 — will take place in Helsinki and Tartu in May 2015.

—    University of Helsinki — Mon 18th–Wed 20th of May 2015
—    University of Tartu — Fri 22th–Sun 24th of May 2015

Please see the website of the Melammu Project for the full program of the symposium. If you would like to attend the conference, please send an e-mail to Raija Mattila ( The Deadline for registration is April 30, 2015.