Anneli Aejmelaeus Receives Medal of Honour

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The President of the Republic of Finland granted on the most recent Finnish Independence Day (6-12-2014), the First Class Medal of the White Rose of Finland to Professor Anneli Aejmelaeus

The First Class Medal of the White Rose of Finland (in Finnish: Suomen Valkoisen Ruusun 1. luokan ritarimerkki)


These medals are issued for citizens with considerable merits in serving the home country. The receiver of the medal should have demonstrated remarkable expertise in important societal tasks or in his/her own field of specialty.

The medal was given to Anneli Aejmelaeus on 17-4-2015 by the Chancellor of the University of Helsinki Thomas Wilhelmsson.

Anneli Aejmelaeus and Thomas Wilhelmsson

Aejmelaeus told that she holds this honour in high regard. ”When one knows, that the proposal for getting this medal of honour comes from one’s own work community and goes through many evaluations, there must have been many colleagues and superiors on the road who evidently appreciate my work. It puts in a really good mood and motivates to continue”, she says.

Earlier, these medals of honour could be used even in everyday occasions but nowadays they are worn only in significant festivities. Aejmelaeus already has an occasion like this on the way: ”At the next doctoral promotion ceremony I will be able to carry this medal of honour.”

Text: Hanna Vanonen | Translation: Ville Mäkipelto