CSTT Annual Meeting 2016: A Photo Impression

Lovely Lapland
For its 3rd annual meeting, the Centre of Excellence in Changes in Sacred Texts and Traditions (CSTT) gathered in the remote place of Saariselkä, in Finnish Lapland (photo: Jutta Jokiranta).

Change beginning (Izaak)
Izaak de Hulster (team 1) opens CSTT’s annual meeting 2016 and introduces the theme of this year: “Change?!” (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).


1 - Martti
CSTT director Martti Nissinen (middle) explaining what happened to prophecy and leading the applause for our acting director Anneli Aejmelaeus (left), who directed the CSTT during Martti’s sabbatical this year and who led the organization of this year’s annual meeting (photo: Jutta Jokiranta).


2. Andrea Berlin
Prof. Andrea Berlin (Boston University) unpacking her term ‘Household Judaism’ during her keynote lecture “The Beginnings of Household Judaism and the End of the Hasmonean Monarchy: Cause, Consequence, or Coincidence?” (photo: Jutta Jokiranta).


4. Andrew Teeter
Prof. Andrew Teeter (Harvard University) discussing the textual transformations in Jeremiah in his keynote lecture “Transmissional Transformations: On Changing Approaches to Textual Change in the Second Temple Period” (photo: Jutta Jokiranta).


3. Helen Dixon
Helen Dixon (team 1) providing a short history of the Phoenicians for her presentation: “Distinguishing Change and Diversity in Levantine Phoenician Religious Space” (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).


In the combined teams 2 and 3 session, Tuukka Kauhanen (team 3) explained how Textual Criticism and Literary-Redactional Criticism should interact with one another (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).


Marika Pulkkinen
Marika Pulkkinen (team 2) discussing Paul’s usage of penitential prayer tradition in her presentation “Penitential Language in Change” (photo: Ville Maäkipelto).


Rick paleoclimatic data
Rick Bonnie (team 4) explaining how understanding past climatic changes based on paleo-climatic data can contribute to our understanding of the usage of stepped pools (miqva’ot) in Roman Palestine (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).


SAB meeting
Also the CSTT’s Scientific Advisory Board was present during our annual meeting and discussed with the CSTT’s leaders the progress of our research centre (photo: Juha Pakkala).


Publications of CSTT
A selection of books and articles that were published since the start of the CSTT in 2014 (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).


CSTT groupsphoto 2016
The (almost) complete CSTT group, its Scientific Advisory Board, and its invited speakers (photo: Lauri Uusi-Hakala).


And then it was time to say goodbye… Flying towards Helsinki for another year of exciting research and productive collaboration (photo: Ville Mäkipelto).