The Fibonacci European Training Session



European training Session

Using the External Environment of the School

Monday, October 10th to Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Helsinki, Finland


Schools are more and more open to using the external environment to teach science. The main issue is to bridge the gap between informal and formal education and include the IBSME approach in there. European Training Session Using the External Environment of the School was presenting key elements of these subjects. During the three days and after plenty of training sessions it is time to introduce a short description what happened inside the session.


European Training Session focused on activities in different environments outside the school and gave to participants an opportunity to get involved in sessions and activities that took place in three different places.

During the three days, participants got to know the Finnish system of working with the external environment of the school. Teachers and educators, mainly from the Fibonacci-project, were invited to present materials and share their experiences and knowledge concerning IBSME activities carried out in informal environments. After the three day seminar all participants got new thoughts, ideas, an understanding about using the external environment of the school under the IBSME approach.

Schedule of the European Training Session can be down load from the Fibonacci-webpage. In this report we are collection all the presentations, workshops and other activities together. All the presentation slides are available from the Fibonacci-webpage.


Link to the Summary: Summary

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