The new preview version of the Sustainability Course has been launched – welcome to get acquainted with the learning material

(You can find the Finnish version of this post here)

The new preview version of the University of Helsinki’s Sustainability Course (SUST-001) is available on the platform. The preview version is based on the course version 3.0 Bluefin Tuna, launched in the autumn semester 2023, and is intended for University of Helsinki staff to familiarise themselves with the students’ Sustainability Course. The course area can be accessed by logging into the platform with the link and enrolment key provided:
Enrolment key: SustPreview23

Many new features have been built into the Sustainability Course and can be explored in the preview version:

  • The course is asynchronous, meaning you can complete it at your own pace.
  • New features have been added to support self-regulation and co-regulation of learning: the Digicampus Moodle sends automatic emails to the student, pre-planned by the teacher, based on the student’s progress in the course. The teacher’s video messages are pre-recorded. The Re-engagement plugin of Digicampus Moodle is used for this purpose. At the beginning of the course, students continue to register in groups and work on projects in multidisciplinary groups.
  • The course content is multilingual: students can change the language of the mandatory assignments and instructions to Finnish, Swedish or English. The “Multi-language content filter” add-on in Digicampus Moodle is used for this
  • The aim has been to build a connectivist online course (cMOOC) that emphasises student interaction and co-construction of knowledge.

No study credits are registered for the preview version of the course, and discussion assignments of the course are closed. However, the preview version allows access to the extensive course catalogue, videos and multiple-choice quizzes. All the modules are unlocked in the preview version. Students at the University of Helsinki can enrol for courses in Sisu registration system for the autumn and spring semesters. Anyone can enrol for a course through the Open University. In the autumn semester 2023 period II, about 700 students registered for the Sustainability Course. You can also find out more about the contents of the course in the video below.

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