Sonja Koivisto started in November 2020 as a research assistant in YLLI-project

Photo: Sonja Koivisto

Sonja is a Master’s student in geoinformatics in the Department of Geosciences and Geography, University of Helsinki. She started in November 2020 as a research assistant in YLLI-project. In her studies and research, Sonja is interested in learning more about big data analytics and possibilities of social media data in research. She did her Bachelor’s degree in human geography, at the University of Helsinki as well. As a research assistant and Master’s thesis writer in YLLI-project, she is now working with Twitter data as an indicator of sports activities in the Helsinki Area. The main topics in her work revolve around content analysis for social media data, assessing and optimizing geoparsing methods as well as validating and complementing social media data with other data sources. Welcome to join our research team!