Board for 2018 elected

On HYVÄT’s general autumn meeting Wednesday 8th October the board for 2018 was elected. Next year, the association will be in the good hands of the following persons:

Anton Saressalo (DS of natural sciences)

Board members:
Brecht Donvil (DS of natural sciences)
Giovanni Canarecci (DS of natural sciences)
Petri Tuisku (DS of natural sciences)
Oulia Makkonen (DS in humanities and social sciences)
Nasibeh Hedayati (DS in humanities and social sciences)
Joonas Maristo (DS in humanities and social sciences)
Riku Toivola (DS in humanities and social sciences)
Jack Beresford (DS in environmental, food, and biological sciences)

Julia von Boguslawski (DS in humanities and social sciences)

The autumn meeting also decided the action plan, budget, and membership fees for next year. You can read them here.

The minutes of the autumn meeting are available here, in both Finnish and English in the same document.

Autumn meeting November 8th

HYVÄT would like to invite all members to its autumn meeting Wednesday 8th November at 6pm!

The place is room Seppele at Domus Gaudium, Leppäsuonkatu 11.

Besides socialising and catching up, this is the meeting where next year’s board is elected, and next year’s action plan, budget and membership fees are decided. In other words, it is an excellent opportunity to hear what’s going on, share ideas, influence the associations future, and even become a board member.

You can take a look at the draft of the action plan in advance here. The budget numbers are not there yet, but will be available at the meeting.

Please click yourself going at the Facebook event so we can estimate the amount of drinks and snacks!

If you are not a member yet, but want to come, you still have time to sign up today if you do it soon here.