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Have you always wanted to grow your own food? Are you interested in urban greenspaces and local food? Take part in university campus farming, and sign up for a farming spot at city centre, Kumpula, Meilahti or Viikki campus!

Enrolment for campusfarming for the year 2023 has ended. Thank you to everyone who applied.

All students, graduate students and staff members of University of Helsinki can apply for a farming spot. You can only reserve one farming spot for yourself, or for a group for the price of 10 euros.

In 2023 we are farming in Kumpula, Viikki, Snellmania, Topelia and Meilahti. You can also ask for a spot from the chiefs of campus’, whose contacts you can find here.

Cost of the farming spot is mere 10 €, and it can be split with a friend. The spots are dealt mostly on a first come first served principle. In case there are no spots left. You can join for free by building a new spot.

You’ll need nothing but enthusiasm to begin urban farming! We have all the necessary tools and knowhow. Besides summery farming activities, the kampusviljely ry also arranges various event related to urban farming throughout spring and autumn. If you are interested in helping us with arrangements and would like to ensure a farming spot from the campus of your choice, join us at our meetings. 


Want to join Kampusviljely ry without a farming spot? No worries, that’s totally possible and it’s completely free – Join as a member through this form 

Members of Kampusviljely ry get a lowered entrance fee into certain events, have priority for different events and excursions and are informed about next year’s enrolment for farming spot as well as updates and events. Memberships are granted for one year and they reset at the annual meeting during the spring of every year.

More about farming

We have about 150 farming spots available, which are at least 40x80x80 cm (HxLxD). One person or group can reserve either half of a spot or full spot for themself.

Farming spots in the city centre campus are in courtyards, and their gates are locked in the evening and during weekends. To reach Snellmania, one can use learning centre Aleksandria’s magnetic keys, which we recommend for everyone farming in city centre. Topelia will be primarily reserved for university staff.

Full farming spot costs 10€ and half a spot 5€. Farmers will get the spot, soil, seeds, tools to borrow, fertilizers, farming information, and the opportunity to participate in events organized by the campus farming committee.

Campus farming is organized by Kampusviljely ry. The committee members are volunteers, so we hope that farmers will take care of their own farming spots until the end of farming season. A tad bit of communal spirit is required! Even though everyone has their own farming spot, the whole farming area should stay clean and organized.  

When signing up for farming, read the form carefully and answer as precisely as possible to every question. If you have any problems with the registration, please contact us.

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