Macondon merkki on täällä / The Macondo Patch is here

Macondon haalarimerkit ovat saapuneet. Ne ovat pian myynnissä hintaan 3€/kpl.

Merkin on suunnitellut Alan Avila. Ohessa lyhyt kuvaus merkin symboliikasta.

The Macondo patch is here and soon on sale for a price 3€.


The patch is designed by Alan Avila. Here is a short description of the patch’s symbolisim:

“The hand is an Aztec representation of the god Huitzilopochtli. He is a Mesoamerican deity of war, sun, human sacrifice and the patron of the city of Tenochtitlan. He was also the national god of the Mexicans, also known as Aztecs, of Tenochtitlan. The name literally means something like “Hummingbird(‘s) South” or “Hummingbird(‘s) Left”, yet it has commonly been translated as “Southern hummingbird” or “left-handed hummingbird”.”

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