HYVÄT Guidelines for Supervision Agreements

One of HYVÄT’s most important advocacy themes is equality of all the PhD candidates, especially providing everyone the same opportunities regardless of their research environment, source of funding or supervisor.

To tackle this, we published the attached guidelines on what the agreement between a supervisor and a supervisee should contain and what to expect from each. For a new PhD student, it is really difficult to get to know the base level and even many of the supervisors don’t know the most widely used practises for example in the frequency of meetings.

We hope that these guidelines will be utilitized when new agreements are prepared for example in Thessa. We also hope that at least the content of the guidelines will be put easily available, so that a new PhD student (or a supervisor) can easily understand the general standards at the university.

The guidelines have been shared to the leadership of doctoral education and all HYVÄT members.

HYVÄT Guidelines for Supervision agreement of the Doctoral Candidate