HYVÄT supervisor prize 2019 to Petri Luomanen

HYVÄT has awarded the prize for the best PhD supervisor at the university in 2019 to professor Petri Luomanen. Luomanen was selected by the small committee of HYVÄT based on more than 30 proposals that we received over the summer and early autumn. You  can  read  the proposal  below.


Petri will receive a circulating prize, which is the HYVÄT PhD supervisor notebook, where we will comment the good supervision practices over the years.  This is the first year the prize is awarded.

In our opinion, Professor Petri Luomanen should be awarded for his exceptional abilities in supervision of doctoral theses. Luomanen works as the Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Culture and Literature in the Faculty of Theology.

Luomanen’s style of guidance is both comprehensive and creative: he not only makes deep-sighted comments to dissertation manuscripts, but also offers his support for doctoral students’ growth as researchers and professionals. This includes career counselling and sharing of personal experiences from the studied field, and he always manages to find time for his students, even being the Vice-Dean of the faculty of Theology. He is interested to learn new interdisciplinary views with doctoral students. During the academic year 2018–19, Luomanen has launched common weekly coffee breaks for his supervised students as venues for mutual informal learning and guidance.

Professor Luomanen shows deep respect for the autonomy of his supervised students. He comments and gives friendly critique but does not force dissertations to his direction. He is committed to guiding processes and interested in the well-being of the doctoral students. He actively builds collegiality by simple gestures – such as visiting the doctoral students’ workroom and asking, how they are doing.,

See Petri’s thoughts on the nomination in the news article on Flamma.