European Qumran Network in Helsinki (Sept 14-15, 2015)

The annual workshop of the European Qumran Network is this year held in Helsinki, where on September 14-15, 2015 various Dead Sea Scrolls scholars from Birmingham, Leuven, Groningen and Uppsala will present their ongoing research. Please find below the programme of the workshop:

Monday 14 September ‒ Faculty Room (Vuorikatu 3, 5th floor)

9:30‒10:00 coffee and tea & Welcome

10:00‒11:00 Charlotte Hempel (University of Birmingham), “The Knowledge Economy of the Qumran Movement”

11:00‒11:15 coffee and tea

11:15‒12:15 Tupa Guerra Guimaraes da Silva (University of Birmingham), “Malevolent Influences in the Community Rule” – Commentators: Jutta Jokiranta and Katri Antin

12:15‒13:15 Lunch

13:15‒14:15 Cecilia Wassén (Uppsala University), “Male and Female Impurities in the Dead Sea Scrolls: A Comparison”

14:15‒15:15 Bärry Hartog (KU Leuven), “Global and Local at Qumran”


Tuesday 15 September ‒ Faculty Room (Vuorikatu 3, 5th floor)

09:00‒10:30 WORKSHOP paper: Mladen Popović (University of Groningen), “Re-reading Kittim”

10:30‒11:30 Hanna Vanonen (University of Helsinki), “War Scroll, War Scroll-like Text or War Text: Naming and Categorizing the War Texts” ‒ Commentators: Mladen Popović and Bernice Brijan

11:30‒12:30 Lunch

12:30‒13:30 Jessi Orpana (University of Helsinki), “Perspectives on Transmission Processes in Late Second Temple Period” ‒ Commentators: Charlotte Hempel and Tupa Guerra Guimaraes da Silva

13:30‒14:30 Hugo Antonissen (KU Leuven), “Hellenistic Influence on the Design and Use of a Jewish Apocalyptic Site of Pilgrimage?”

14:30‒15:00 coffee and tea

15:00‒16:30 WORKSHOP paper: Jutta Jokiranta (University of Helsinki), “Scribal Marks in Pesher Habakkuk”

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