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Samuel-Kings Editors’ Workshop (Thu 12 Jan, Helsinki)

On 12.–14.1.2017 the University of Helsinki will host the Samuel-Kings Editors’ Workshop which will bring together the critical edition projects of The Göttingen Septuagint and The Hebrew Bible – A Critical Edition (HBCE) on the Books of Samuel and Kings. The workshop sessions will consist of hands-on work with practical text-critical issues. As both projects aim at establishing a critical, eclectic text – the closest attainable approximation to the archetype – the focus will be especially on the most difficult critical decisions.

As a part of the workshop, on Thursday 12.1.2017 18:00–19:30, there will be an opportunity for everyone interested in textual research to get to know the five projects, their goals and their methods, their problems and their discoveries.

Venue: Faculty of Theology, Faculty Hall (Fabianinkatu 24, 5th floor)

18:00–19:00 — Short presentations:
– Göttingen 1 Samuel (Anneli Aejmelaeus, Helsinki)
– Göttingen 2 Samuel (Tuukka Kauhanen, Helsinki)
– Göttingen 1–2 Kings (Pablo Torijano, Madrid)
– HBCE 1 Kings (Jan Joosten, Oxford)
– HBCE 2 Kings (Andrés Piquer, Madrid)

19:00–19:30 — Discussion

For more information, please contact: tuukka.kauhanen@helsinki.fi