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Workshop: Changing paradigms – What do we mean when we speak about competencies?

ARONI partners from the University of Helsinki are organizing a workshop on Monday, 6th of May 8.30 –12.30, at Minerva plaza (Minerva: Basement floor, Siltavuorenpenger 5, University of Helsinki) about the concepts and definitions of competencies. The title of the workshop is “Changing paradigms: What do we mean when we speak about competencies?

Generic competencies – called with various terms – have become of major interest as outcomes for education, and they are emphasized in curricula of various educational levels. Then, what are these competencies and why are they justified? How should competencies be investigated and taught?

8.30 Coffee
9.00 Welcome words
9.05 Dr. Natasa Pantic Institute for Education, Teaching and Leadership (ETL), University of Edinburgh: The problem of competence in changing work contexts
10.05 Prof. emeritus Reijo Miettinen: 21st century skills: OECD reshaping language of education
11.15 Short contributions:
Prof. Auli Toom, HYPE, University of Helsinki: The complexity of competency and competencies
Prof. Hanni Muukkonen, University of Oulu: Challenging of integrating paradigms in the research of competence development
Doc. Liisa Ilomäki TEdu, University of Helsinki: Teaching undefined competencies
12.25 Closing words

Researchers Auli Toom, Liisa Ilomäki, Minna Lakkala and Hanni Muukkonen from the Argumentative online inquiry in building students’ knowledge work competences (ARONI) project
Centre for University Teaching and Learning (HYPE) and Technology in Education Research Group (TEdu)

You get the materials of the workshop through the links below



Dr. Na­ta­sa Pan­tic:

Prof. eme­ri­tus Rei­jo Miet­ti­nen:

Auli Toom, Hanni Muukkonen, Liisa Ilomäki: