Research coordinated by the HU team

HY__LD01_LogoFP_EN_B1___WEBHU1: Methods for studying pedagogical practices (2015-2016)

Contextual Knowledge Practice Questionnaire (CKP) will be used to investigate students’ and teachers’ self-reported evaluation of contextual working practices and the development of knowledge work competences through them. Pedagogical Practices Framework (PPF), an evaluation framework for analysing pedagogical practices, will be developed, focusing on knowledge creation practices as sell as the promotion of information literacy and argumentative skills.

HU2: Study of pedagogical practices in upper secondary schools (2015-2017)

The study aims to get an overview of the present stage of the pedagogical practices related to the development of knowledge work competences in upper secondary schools. For this aim, contextual data of the pedagogical practices will be collected from upper secondary school courses through lesson observations and teacher interviews as well as through a questionnaire for students and teachers.

HU3: Study of pedagogical practices in universities (2015-2017)

University students’ experiences of the course practices are collected with the CKP questionnaire. This sub-study will provide data for assessing the pedagogical practices and competence challenges students face in the transition phase when they enter the university studies after upper secondary school.