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Päivitetty / last update: 02.05.2023

Tältä sivulta löytyy tietoa Langnet-verkoston kautta tarjolla olevista ja muista kielentutkijalle sopivista kursseista. Osa kursseista voi olla perustutkintotasoisia, mutta myös jatko-opiskelijalle hyödyllisiä. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) tarkoittaa verkossa pidettävää kurssia, johon pääsääntöisesti kaikilla on vapaa pääsy. Neuvottele kurssin sopivuudesta jatko-opintoihisi ohjaajasi kanssa. Jos tiedossasi on kielentutkijoille sopiva verkkokurssi, kerro siitä!

Here you can find courses organised by graduate schools in the Langnet network or other institutions. Please note that some of the introductory courses may be intended for undergraduate students but may be beneficial for postgraduates as well. MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) refers to an unrestricted online course. Consult your supervisor and unit about whether the course or workshop you wish to take can be accepted as part of your doctoral degree. If you know of any online courses that are suitable for Langnet members and could be added here, please contact the coordinator!


Kielipankin kaksipäiväinen etäkurssi kesäkuussa / Language Bank of Finland’s two-day remote course in June, ks. lisätietoja / more information


Human body and embodiment in research – multidisciplinary approaches

16.-18.8.2023, University of Oulu, room Lo124, contact teaching only
3 ECTS, Course code DP00AM77

This course focuses on multidisciplinary aspects of human body and embodiment research. The body can be understood here as a living or dead one or an abstract or concrete body. How does a body function, and what a body can tell us about the individual and their life? How are language and embodiment studied in interactions and individuals’ perceptions of their own body or representations of embodiments? The course brings together doctoral researchers from different fields e.g., humanities, education, and medicine, and encourages discussions, sharing knowledge and creating new networks between different fields.

Course includes lectures (see below) and doctoral researchers’ presentations on their research projects relevant to the topic and discussions. In addition, doctoral researchers will write a short summary of their project in advance, emphasizing the body/embodiment aspect in their research. The deadline for the two-page summary is 4.8.2023.


Hayley Mickleburgh (University of Amsterdam): Handling the Dead Body: how combined insights from the sciences and the humanities help us to reconstruct and reflect upon past experiences of death and mortuary ritual

Niina Lilja (University of Tampere): Bodies at work: Instructing manual actions at construction sites

Maarit Siromaa (University of Oulu): Ethnomethodological conversation analysis in studying human activity and social interaction in workplace settings

Taina Kinnunen (University of Oulu): Touch and affect from cultural perspective

Virve Keränen (University of Oulu): Embodiment in education

Mika Venhola (University of Oulu): Intersex – sex, gender and ethics

Registration in Peppi (University of Oulu members) is open, please register 15.6.23 at the latest. If you don’t have access to Peppi, please send email: heli.maijanen@oulu or liisa-maria.lehto@oulu.fi More detailed information on the course will be send out to the participants after the registration is closed.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!



Langnetin joulukoulu / Langnet Winter School 3.12. & 10.12.2021

Langnetin kesäkoulu / Langnet Summer School 24. – 25.8.2021

Muita kursseja / Other courses

Intensive course on multimodal transcription, 20 – 21 December 2021, held via Zoom. Organised by Aalborg University.

Corpus Linguistics: Method, Analysis, Interpretation. Lancaster University MOOC.
Available from 20 September 2021 (duration: 8 weeks)


Lisää paikallisten tutkijakoulujen ja muiden tahojen tarjoamia kursseja / More courses provided by local graduate schools and other organizations

Kielentutkimus / Languages & linguistics

Tutkijan taidot / Researcher skills


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