We would like to remind everyone that any kind of harassment isn’t acceptable or belong to the physics community. Resonanssi has six harassment contact persons: Noora Suomalainen, Tuomas Arasjärvi, Juha Torvinen, Sofia Heikkilä, Zina Lippo and Toni Sutinen. If you have ever experienced harassment in Resonanssi’s events, Kumpula’s Campus or in other studying related matter, you can contact the harassment contact persons.

The contact can also be made anonymously in harassment report form.


Noora Suomalainen
Tuomas Arasjärvi
Juha Torvinen
Sofia Heikkilä
Toni Sutinen
Zina Lippo


What is harassment?

Harassment can occur in many different ways, and anyone can be a victim of harassment or inappropriate treatment. Harassment may be personal or based on, for example, a person’s ethnic background, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation or other characteristics. Harassment is an infringement of the value and integrity of a person or group of people in such a way as to create a threatening, degrading or offensive atmosphere. Harassment can also be constant contact or stalking. Sexual harassment is also one of the forms of harassment. Sexual harassment includes provocative talk and sexually coloured contacts, suggestive-minded remarks about body, dressing or private life, physical touching or suggestions or requirements for sexual intercourse.

How we operate in harassment situations 

If the person wishes, the harassment contact persons may be able to interfere with the object of harassment or the troublemaker. Resonanssi can also take the issue forward to HYY or, in serious cases, the police. If you do not want to contact Resonanssi’s harassment contact persons for any reason, you can also contact HYY’s harassment contact persons or police