What is Resonanssi?

Welcome to Resonanssi, the organization for students of the physical sciences at the University of Helsinki. We were founded in 1994 and have over 500 members. We organize excursions, host parties and events, and work on student affairs.

Many of our members can be found in our student lounge (called Opiskelijahuone or OH in Finnish), which is located on Physicum’s first floor, just behind the Unicafe. We also share a space, known as Klusteri with the other Kumpula organizations.

The best way to stay up to date on events is to join our mailing list – instructions below.

How to join
To join Resonanssi, contact the membership secretary at jasensihteeri@resonanssi.org or come to the student room. During Orientation Week our stand can also be found at the Opening Carnival and Science Bazaar.

Contact info

To join the mailing list:
Send the message ”subscribe reson”
(without a subject) to: majordomo@helsinki.fi.
To remove yourself from the list, send message ”unsubscribe reson”.

International affairs person
Eetu Rimo
(firstname . lastname (at) helsinki . fi)