Tarjontapuolen ilmastopolitiikka

Briefly in English: Significant amounts of fossil fuels need to be left untapped to meet the climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement. Most climate policies focus on reducing demand for fossil fuels. Supplementing these policies by limiting fossil fuel supply offers a promising way to influence emissions also in countries with looser climate …

How Citizens Create Value for the Circular Economy

Finland’s Circular Economy Roadmap emphasizes that all actors have a role to play: including governments, municipalities, businesses and citizens. While there is a lot of discussion about how businesses can transform their products and services for the circular economy (CE), and what municipalities could do to encourage more circular patterns, citizens’ potential to contribute to the CE does not get as much attention.

Looking beyond the horizon when preparing for climate change in the energy transition

Climate change will alter the world as we know it, exacerbating already existing threats while also bringing new risks and unforeseen opportunities. The impacts of climate change will materialise differently in different corners of the world. More vulnerable areas in the southern hemisphere will bear the brunt of the adverse impacts, while affluent countries in the North are projected to experience less devastating impacts and be better able to cope. This way of thinking has lured many developed countries into a sense of false security, exacerbated by national climate assessments showing how the effects of climate change are likely to be important but relatively moderate, and well within the adaptive capacity of the country.