Tarjontapuolen ilmastopolitiikka

Briefly in English: Significant amounts of fossil fuels need to be left untapped to meet the climate targets set out in the Paris Agreement. Most climate policies focus on reducing demand for fossil fuels. Supplementing these policies by limiting fossil fuel supply offers a promising way to influence emissions also in countries with looser climate …

Against Ecological Illusions

Standing around a cocktail table during lunch at the 2019 Sustainability Science Days in Espoo last May, I and my new-found colleagues marvelled at the cutlery. The spoons were plastic but they had been designed to look and feel like wood. Together we thought it would be good to find a name for these plastic “wooden” spoons. “Greenwash” did not seem right as it was associated with corporate behaviour and we dispersed to the next session – on sustainability transitions – without managing to find the right term.