Introducing the Untame Podcast: Paradigm Shifters

Authors: Galina Kallio and Eeva Houtbeckers What happens when you put sustainability researchers, activists, and thinkers into conversation with two scholars passionate about shifting paradigms, add some microphones, and press record? This is how the HELSUS-funded Untame podcast was conceived, and the result has produced inspiring, thought-provoking, in-depth discussions with activists and thinkers on the cutting-edge of …

How Citizens Create Value for the Circular Economy

Finland’s Circular Economy Roadmap emphasizes that all actors have a role to play: including governments, municipalities, businesses and citizens. While there is a lot of discussion about how businesses can transform their products and services for the circular economy (CE), and what municipalities could do to encourage more circular patterns, citizens’ potential to contribute to the CE does not get as much attention.

Striving for sustainable development in everyday life

Individual change is necessary to tackle sustainability challenges effectively. At Aalto University, we have developed a new app, AaltoSDG, in order to encourage its users to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals by taking individual action and pushing for systemic change.

UniCafe’s decision to remove beef off the menu received positively among students

In October 2019 YLVA announced that their UniCafe restaurants are removing beef from their lunch menu and cafe items by February 2020. UniCafe is owned and operated by YLVA which is the Student Union’s (HYY) asset manager, owned by the students of University of Helsinki. Similar decisions to remove beef from the menu have been made in university cafeterias in other countries before. In the announcement YLVA reported that removing beef will reduce the carbon footprint of their restaurants by 11%. Now that the time has come and beef has left the building, it is a good time to return to this topic.